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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today was one of those....oooohhhh.....kinda emotional days.
Our neighbors got married.
The lady in the red jacket lost her husband a few years ago. She lived across the street from us, and then moved (while her husband was still alive) to the corner. About three houses down, and across the street. Her husband passed. She met the guy across the street, on the corner, and they dated for a year or two, and today, they got married. I think she is around 70 something and he is in his late 60's. They are wonderful people, and I love our neighbors in this neighborhood. It is an old fashioned neighborhood where people care about each other. They are so funny at Halloween too. She dresses up like Maxine and he dresses up like a clown. While at the wedding, three other neighbors were there.

They were very nervous. So cute.

OH yeah - they got married right after church service, so my Shug and I went to the service. It seriously felt like we were on the set of the Waltons. I'm not kidding. We sang songs like , "By and By" and "I Saw the Light" and it was just cute and small and old-fashioned. I recommend it. People really seem to care there.

Then, at 2:00, I went to a memorial service. This man passed away in March, but they had a Celebration of Life for him today. He was a very artistic person. He was a photographer, he raised goats, made cheese, he spun (which is what he is doing in the pic), he wove rugs, he was a blacksmith, he did all of the old-fashioned craft work. And more importantly, he taught others how to do such things. I helped him warp a loom once, and I couldn't do it again! We actually tied the warp on to the old warp on the loom. He later sent out a letter to all members of the spinning group, telling them that we "tied one on!" He gave me my first drop spindle, which he made. He made me a walking stick, and gave my niece one too! He also gave me a lucette that he had made, and taught me how to use it. He left his mark on this world. He did. Even after he is gone, I am thinking about him and the mark he left on our world.

He was a character.

He won't be forgotten.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, when someone we have known for years passes on, it's a sadness I can't explain. I some times think ,my parents are gone most of their friends are gone, and slowly my brothers and sisters and I are becoming the older generation. It's the not having elders to talk with and's sad to me. You know like Dick Clark..he was always there, now he's gone. Gee I am only depressing myself. Smiles, Susie

  2. Thank you for sharing a day in your life. All very thought provoking in good ways for me :)

  3. I think the old people getting married is the best. Older people are lonely and are not touched that often. Many times I touch my patients on the back and I can see them light up. It's weird pick up other people babies and smell and kiss them....but do we hold an older persons hand or pat/rub them on the back. Darn kids get all the fun...haha

    I'm sorry about Mister old crafter. What a life story he has weaved. You are very lucky to have known his talents and his humor.



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