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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crochet projects

I refuse to start one more project until these three are DONE. There...I said it and I mean it. Maybe

I started this a long time ago, when I had a bunch of cotton yarn I wanted to use up that I realized I would never make dishcloths out of for everyone I knew. I call it my sand and sea blanket because of the ripple and the colors. moss, coral, sand, blues... and I loved it. But, the dogs peed on it , and on the ball of white yarn. I actually washed the yarn. It was a mess. And hand washed the afghan and got most of it out. It wasn't actually a lot of pee, it was when we first got the other male dog and they were marking their territory. Still...I lost interest.

This blanket I just started this year and I never really had interest in it. I love the yarn and the colors. I was making it just to show the people in the granny square class I taught, what you can do with granny squares.

And these...well I had a dozen of these made and realized I need four more because I wanted it big enough for the bed. You can see it laid out in this post. But four more......augh. And for those of you who remember this post, I had put the blanket away then got it back out and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working out. Come to find out, I made up a stitch (teehee) You see, I taught myself to crochet. And somewhere along the line I miss-read how to do a double crochet. So my tension hasn't changed, my stitch has! And this whole blanket is WRONG! But I'm going to finish it wrong and just call it the Cindy Stitch! I think I only need two more squares now. But still....

And this.....Well, I bought this yarn at Groovy Girl Art. And the Groovy Girl showed me how to make this I can make this bag....

My fingers are twitching.
Must finish other projects first.

How do you stay motivated to finish a project?

Cindy Bee


  1. I think of the outcome.....
    1 big project is good with a scattered few keep the boredom down.
    Ewwww! (on the dog pee)

  2. I've been trying to finish some old projects, but I'm hopeless! Best of luck, everything is looking fantastic!

  3. That's why I do little projects because they end up like yours. I get bored really quick. So for me to do a blanky....a baby one is bad enough, but a big one? And how in the heck were you doing a double crochet?? Tell me how the Cindy stitch works please. :o)

  4. Cindy, I think I have adult attention disorder, sometimes. I find it hard to motivate myself...when I used to be so darn good at hopping right to a chore and finishing it. Now I seem like a slug. Not going anywhere or going in circles.LOL. So far I have not left any slime trails :):) Oh I crack myself up. Well just kidding, that would be wonder I don't go anywhere. I love the bag colors and the squares for your bed. Just pick one and get going.:):) smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  5. So many of my projects are for gifts so I always seem to have a deadline. It is the ones that I am making for me or hubs that go by the wayside. And I have many.:)

  6. Well, as you know I have a million projects on the go as I can't offer advice LOL.
    Good luck though Cindy, you have some super gorgeous things there to finish off :)

  7. Mmmmmmmm, not sure really, but I know that I find it really hard to work on something without the motivation.

    Because thats why I do it, you see, cos I feel inspired by the creativeness of it.
    And if thats not there..... well, not much hope for the fate of the project I'm afraid.

    Ok, are you sure you really want to finish the granny square one that was just to show people in a class?
    Really, are you ever going to be motivated enough to finish that one?

    If it were me (but of course, youre not, and you will make youre own choices)I'd be axing the granny square one.

    I'd definitely be finishing the one with two squares to go. And Id do that one first. And straight away.

    The dog pee one could go either way for me. ;)

    I know thats not really much help, but hey! Its early in the morning, Ive not had time to wake up my brain yet.


  8. i cant stay motivated unless i just think to myself" i dont have anything else" i have to convince myself this is all i "have" to do...

  9. Cindy Bee,Wow Your really good at crochet!Granny squares are so cute. They remind me of log cabins,hugs Cheri

  10. Cindy,
    I love your projects especially the sea blanket. I can just imagine snuggling up on the beach house porch in the fall with it.

    I laughed that you made a stitch but good for you. Keep going because it's you totally and completely!

    Did I miss the 'trip to italy post'?

    I don't have any suggestions for finishing projects but I would start with the one you can finish quickly (like the 4 squares - you can have that done in an afternoon because your so quick!)

    I'm into my scrapbooking this week :).....I'm finishing up some stuff too and it really feels great!


  11. drugs.

    not really lol. but I do like to take in caffeine once in awhile...

    are you a write down listmaker? I do that a lot...until I have too many lists to follow!!! LOL

  12. Oh and I agree - the "cindy stitch has been born - long live the cindy stitch!!! :)


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