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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tissue Paper Flowers

OK gotta get this done so I can go to bed!

Take three pieces of tissue paper and fold them in half like this.

Then cut it, so you have six pieces of tissue paper, and stack them on each other like this.

Fold it like an accordion

Put a wire in the center of the accordion (I used florist wire so I could put them in vases. if you just want to hang them, or lay them around on a table, you don't need the wire. You can use yarn, pipe cleaners, or something similar)

You can cut the ends to a point, or a rounded edge, or just leave them plain to get different petals.

Fan out the accordion

And start pulling the individual papers apart from each other. Be careful not to tear them. But if you do tear them, just leave them on the flower. You usually can't tell a petal or two is torn.

Fluff it up

And you're done!

This is one without the edges cut. I think it looks like a rose.

And there you have it...

If you want to make big flowers like we made for Groovy Girl Art, you do it the same way, just don't cut the tissue paper in half. Just fold it up accordion style and go for it.


Cindy Bee


  1. I love how you have all of your pretty flowers along the windows. So pretty!

    Just looked at your previous post and adore your little planting in the bunny. And I LOVE all of your gnomes. That's going to be a very fun egg hunt! Have fun!

  2. Remember in the Seventies the GIANT tissue flowers you could buy at the State Fair? Your Blue & Yellow ones reminded me of them. My Sis & I so loved them.

  3. Very pretty, thank you for sharing !!! (^o^)/"""

  4. I have that pattern at home. Not sure where I got it but I'll try to remember to bring it and scan it for you.

  5. Cindy, Those flowers would be so cute for a birthday party decoration. Or even a baby shower. Smiles, Susie

  6. Love this! I made these when I was a girl. Received one of the kids how to books with tissue from a family member. Cannot remember who. Made a ton of the really large one for everyone in the family. Great memories!

  7. Oooh, thanks for sharing that, I am soo going to find that useful. Its our 25th anniversary this year, I could maybe do some decorating with them.

    (Btw, thanks for being all caring and telling me to post something!)


  8. I have made these flowers several times, large, small, and even tiny on cards and I love how simple they are! Yes Cindy you would love this place! There is a porch for each room and I did sit out and drank a glass of my favorite-Rex Goliath 47lb.'s the best and under 10 dollars a bottle! I also had Starbucks coffee each morning! We had a wonderful time. Have a very blessed Easter!

  9. Cute, simple and doable!
    How nice!

  10. Cindy, I didn't get this in time (left laptop home) while I was with Mia so ours are not as pretty as yours...but I am definitely remembering the how to!...:)JP

  11. okay, youre hired. we expect you to be here at midnight with your clean scissors sitting next to me making these while I am finishing dotto'ing my way across this invitations...



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