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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Woolen Workshop & Granny Squares

This Fiona, not this one, asked me how my granny squares were going, so I thought I best show you...but first I must ask....would "lounge" be an English word for the American "couch"? Should I put it in my English/American language lessons (on my side bar)? Just wondering. And I've heard on hgtv when people are off buying houses somewhere in England that they call the yard, garden. Is that another one? In America, a garden is a place where we grow flowers, or herbs, or vegetables. But it appears in England it is the entire yard. So I wonder...what do they call the place where they grow the vegetables? Fess up Fionas! We gotta know this stuff.


Every year, The Granny Bees host a Winter Woolen Workshop.

I have been asked to teach a class on Granny Squares. A simple Granny Square. One that most anyone can do. Beginner crocheters. So I picked this one. It is SO versatile.

And quick.

But if you are not into crocheting, or knitting, no problem. Because at the Winter Woolen Workshop you can learn other things, such as painting, punch needle, embroidery, rug hooking, spinning, weaving, hand quilting, tatting, rug punch or needle felting. There will be classes and workshops and little make it-take its on all of that stuff.

And if you don't want to learn anything, that's no big deal either. Just come and visit. There will be guilds and groups and clubs and organizations sitting, or standing, and working on their craft. Sit a spell and visit. Or shop. There will be all kinds of hand-made items for sale.

You could buy all of your Christmas presents for next year, and have it done!

And if you have a project you are working on at home, bring it. Sit and work on it with a group of lovely, like-minded women.

The Winter Woolen Workshop takes place at the Seiberling Mansion and The Elliot House (two mansions) in Kokomo, Indiana. (address is 1200 W. Sycamore St) People come from all over the United States to partake. There is a one time entry fee of $10.00, which goes to the Howard County Historical Society. This fee gets you in the doors both days.

It takes place on

Saturday, February 25, from 9am to 6pm


Sunday, February 26, from 11am - 5pm

I hope to see you there,

Cindy Bee

PS - I have a plan for all of these grannies...I'm not just making them to be making them. I hope to finish one of the projects today. I'll show ya later!


  1. Cindy, your granny squares are multiplying fast!! They look lovely.

    The garden is where you grow anything (flowers and veggies). You grow veggies in the veg patch or vegetable garden! But in the north of England the garden is often referred to as the back yard! Confused?

    The lounge is the living room or sitting room. Our other word for couch is sofa (but couch is being used more and more frequently!)

  2. wow...lots of grannys...Nice Winter Wool shoutout.

  3. Hi Cindy Bee,

    Just to add to the other Fiona's answer.

    The lounge in Australia, can either be the lounge 'room' or a sofa/couch. In Australia, it is also what you used to be the 'ladies' bar in a pub - not so commonly used in that context anymore.

    Now, being a Scot, I am in the 'garden' camp, but everyone out here, unless they are an expat like me, calls it the 'yard'.

    I can manage to call the couch a lounge, but we'll all be long pushing up daisies before I call the garden the yard.
    Doesnt matter whats growing there, or even if it's a dust bowl - it's still the garden.
    And then you would grow veggies in the veggie patch. Or the vegetable garden. Which would be a subsection of the whole garden.

    Flowers can grow anywhere - but you could have a flower 'bed'.

    Ohhhhhh - and another word for sofa/couch/lounge is settee. Don't hear many use that these days tho.

    And, when I lived in Scotland, we were more likely to call the lounge room, the living room.

    Hey, can't wait to see what your finished granny project is.


  4. Cindy,
    You are going to do great teaching newbies how to do granny squares. You've had a lot of practice we see.....

    Can't wait to see the finished project. I remember grandmom having a blanket with the granny squares and the section binding the squares was BLACK. I loved it because I wouldn't have to worry about getting it dirty. I wonder which sister/brother has it.....hmmmmmmm


  5. Oh, and I noticed on the second Fiona's blog that the English say 'Well Done' I like that. I think we American's say 'good job'.

    "Well Done" is so much cooler....I'm going to add that to my sayings.

    Julie - again

  6. Your squares are looking great and I am certainly getting some schooling reading all the comments.

  7. Cindy Bee love those squares. I wish I lived closer to take a class, I bet you'll be a great teacher.Cheri

  8. just learnt to crochet last week, so loving looking at your squares (and finding your blog). We have a garden though many peeps in our area only have yards (not grassed, small), and I'm lounging on my sofa :) nice to meet you.

  9. Hey Cindy
    Wish I could come but have a show that weekend. Your granny squares look great - can't wait to see what you're up to.
    Blessings today and thanks for stopping by

  10. Well if anyone can tell me why I can't hit reply, on this blog, and reply after each comment I'd appreciate it. I can do it on the house blog, but not this one.

    Aye yai yai (don't really know how to spell that) I think I'm going to skip all the lounge, couch, sofa, settee, stuff and just stick with couch! But I agree with Julie, well done sounds better than good job. And I do like "garden" better than "yard" but I fear we'd all be confused over here.

    Cheryl, I'll be coming for a visit to your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine.

    Rebecca - maybe next year you could come. You might want to think about setting up a booth. You might even consider teaching a class. Think about it and let me know. I'll connect you to the person in charge.

    Cindy Bee

  11. love the colors, I really do, lovely


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