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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Pa!

OK so enough about my dogs for a few days. I'll update you after Saturday. But I must say...Koala....snif her comment on my last post...or at least her ten commandments for dogs. Made me give my dogs a snuggle right then and there. And her blog is on my sidebar, at the bottom. I don't understand why it won't update. I've re-entered it and re-entered it several times but it will not update on my sidebar when she updates her blog. Any ideas would be helpful.

So...another family gathering.


Happy Birthday Pa! Yesterday was my Pa's birthday.

and Mom had us all over for potato soup, bell pepper soup, bread and pie. YUM.

And I have a question.

Back in the day...did you, or your parents, call a bell pepper a mango?

I can't believe my Sister's family brought their dog. My Shug asked when we were leaving if we should bring the dogs. I said, "are you kidding me?!?!!" You don't know my Mom. You do not bring your dog in their house. Enough said!

My poor Shug was tired.

This is my Brother and his son.

and his daughter.

My Sister and her new camera. She took two pictures. I took 54.

My Dad opening his cards/gifts....with a little help.

Long day for Mollie.

So, I bought these marshmallows shaped like hearts. I've been on a marshmallow kick lately.

And I bought this pull apart licorice, because on the back of the marshmallow package it was suggested to put licorice into the hearts and make a necklace.

It did not work.

But we all had a good time.

Thanks Ma for having us over.


Cindy Bee


  1. AW, you're like Laura Ingalls calling your p's MA and PA. Happy birthday Pa!

    Looks like a good time and a simple dinner. Good idea MA.

    Sis, Camera has to get some use.haha....2 pictures...hahaha

    No mangos when I was growing up.


  2. Really, 54 pictures of what???

  3. Hi Julie,

    That's where I got it from..Pa...Laura. I watched it ALL THE TIME growing up. My Mom calls green/bell peppers, mangos. We think it's probably because mangos were not around when she was growing up, they do not grow up here in Indiana, so they called peppers, mangos. It's all we can think of.

    Sister - 54 pictures of family, food, and fun, That's what!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Looked up the "mango" mystery. Back in the day when fruit came into america it was not fresh but came pickled. Eventually everything that you pickled became known as a "mango". When stuffing green bell peppers back in the day they would pickle the whole thing. The dish was so popular that soon a bell pepper became known as a bell pepper. Term found mostly in the Midwest. Cookbooks refered to pickling anything as a Mango.

  5. mango brings back memories!!!

    and you are blessed - love your family photos :)

  6. great family enjoy it! Everythings looks yummy


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