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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dogs update...

I really appreciate all of the comments and concern. Let me explain a little bit more since I've received some good advice. First of all, they are both potty trained. When Winston has to go potty he looks at me with this stare and he barks this little bark. Kind of like the honk you give someone when the light turns green and they sit there in their car messing with their I-phone instead of going. Dixie runs back and forth to me, then the door, then me, then the door, like a little nervous Nellie.... And I am home a lot so I let them out a lot. We have a fenced in back yard on a double lot so they have a lot of room to play, run, etc.

This territory marking started about three or four weeks ago. And Dixie, the little/younger dog, marked when we first got him. I broke him by confining him to wherever I was at all times. He never had time without me unless he was in his cage. And they both have cages. They both go to their cages every night for bed. I have also started caging them again when I leave and they are home alone.

The only thing I can think of, is about a month ago, right before the holidays, my Shug started working a lot of hours at work, plus he is working on the house when he isn't at work. The older, bigger dog, Winston, is my Shug's dog. He is a man's dog. And these dogs are extremely jealous of each other. I'm wondering if Winston didn't start marking out of jealousy, anxiety, wanting attention and Dixie followed suit, trying to one-up Winston. They go outside to potty then literally come inside and start sniffing. I really think this is a behavioral problem.

I went to the pet store and got Nature's Miracle No More Marking. I am going to spray it on all the places they have marked. And cousin Gloria, I actually looked at the diapers but I figured they'd just tear them off. Plus they are a bit expensive. And I know it's not a medical issue because we had a dog with a kidney problem. They dribble, have incontinence, when they have a kidney problem, they don't hike their leg and pee on stuff.

My Shug came home tonight and took Winston with him to run errands. I'm keeping a close eye on Dixie. When I can't watch them I'm crating them. I'm also going to try to remember to go back to the pet store tomorrow. They have a dog behaviorist there every Saturday between 1:00 - 3:00. I'll update you more then.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy Bee, Do you walk them? You have to walk the bejesus out of them. playing in the backyard is not the same.......An exhausted dog is a good dog.
    Otherwise everyone has good ideas.....

  2. your story is so similar to mine. I also tried those Dog Wraps.. Remember I blogged about it once.. Poor Bandit, Hubby calls it his diaper, and I usually make him where it when he is out through the house.
    Recently I suckered into purchasing a STOP BARK plug in. another one of our behavior problems.
    Which doesn't work but I lost the receipt.
    Hubby walks them almost daily. pees on frickin' every spot he can. They are very lucky dogs...rescue dogs, spoiled. bah bah bah.
    I just am at wits end as well.

  3. well darn it- that really stinks, because obviously its a mental issue - those are the really hard ones to solve !!! :( let us know what the behaviorist advises!

  4. Julie - I don't walk them. I always thought since they played out back that they were getting enough exercise. I know when Winston comes back from the farm he is always exhausted and sleeps a long time. Since I need to start exercising (dammit) that'll be my exercise.

  5. janis - ooohhh nooo you don't sound hopeful! Maybe you should come here and visit the beahvorist too!

    Feral - I'll keep you posted. I know so many of my blogger friends have dogs. I am not going to give up right away, but I'm not going to have a stinky house and have everything ruined either. From now on, I'll get female puppies. No males, no rescues.

  6. Cindy,'ve got your hands full but crating a the best!!! I'd continue that. I wonder if it's "separation anxiety."...:)JP

  7. I saw you went to get the No Marking spray. That stuff is awesome! There are two, that one and another one that you can use to clean up with. I bought both when Leo started doing his thing. I know his is separation anxiety. And I tried the crate thing but he pee'd in it and then laid in it. I'm NOT going that route. That was worse than cleaning up his pee. So I just decided to make him stay outside when I'm gone. I hope the spray helps and that you get that bad behavior nipped in the bud. I know what you're going through except you have two to pee. xoxox


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