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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding my Mojo - part 1

So the other day I had coffee with some 'friends?'. I say 'friends?' with a question mark, because they said things like...."I bet she has a niece she doesn't even know about in that basement of hers!" And,
"you need to stop analyzing stuff so much. Look at you, you can't just write something down Bee"...."you have to talk about why you are writing each thing down. Just write Bee." Don't hate. They're right. I analyze.

What I did, was bring three composition notebooks and some colored markers and said, "we're going to write out resolutions, I need motivation." Jeez I barely laid the notebooks on the table and they were writing! Having coffee with friends did more for my soul than the resolutions though!

So anyway, I started writing...finally...and explaining.....

1) Focus.

Here's an example of what I do. I just now came in the house and I started downloading pics on my blog. Then I switched to some different pics..then I went in and cleaned a bit of the counter top off, after letting the dogs in...then I remembered I was downloading pics. LORDY! I need to focus. I'd just like to get one thing done, completely, before doing the next. FOCUS DAMMIT!

2)Hang out with nicer people...well that one came to me after I was told by my 'friends', that I probably have an unknown niece in my basement. (In the picture above that is not my hand. It's RJ's hand...telling me what to do!)

3)Follow a healthy eating plan. More on that later...when I decide to do it.

4)Exercise Dammit - well I don't really want to exercise. They told me I had to if I want to lose weight. Bummer. Then her hand started doing what it's doing in the picture above and she said "write it down Bee....exercise." Jeeesh

5) Work on getting a style. I have a mish-mash of stuff and nothing really goes together anymore. They told me I need to get a house first! See Number 2.

6) I want to be more colorful...not so drab. More on this later too.

7) Donate more stuff

8) Take guitar lessons for one year.

9) Make more things to sell...either at the Granny Bee workshops or Etsy...but only after I get a style.

10) Stop the Analysis Paralysis....sigh...I'll try.

11) Follow patterns for crochet and knitting...

Those were some things I wrote down. However...Scribe looked up and said, "Hey there's some resolutions...right there on the wall...we don't need to make our own." And right there on the wall it said,


Share good food

Make today better

Take a Risk

Live Each Moment

Look Up

Share Laughter with Friends

Be the change....

And a couple of days before, when I was still looking for my mojo...I got a call from The
Granny Bee....She said, "Cindy...would you be interested in teaching how to make Granny Squares at the Winter Woolen Workshop? Heck yeah! Something to focus on!

So I got out my colorful cotton yarn, Roofus, a dvd, (all things I enjoy)

put it all in my LuCindy bag

and started hooking.

Looking for color patterns anywhere, even in my pjs,

and trying to figure out what would look good together and what wouldn't.

Then today I had lunch with the Granny Bee. She loved my Granny Squares. I was telling her I want a style. I want people to look at me, my house, my stuff, and then when they see something they say....that's Cindy Bee's style.

I just gotta figure it out.

Cindy Bee

PS - Don't go saying mean things about my 'friends'...I'm teasing them and they know it.

PPS - Scribe and RJ - don't go calling me asking if I'm mad. I'm teasing you and you know it!


  1. What a great philosophy to live by. I need to find my G.B. Style too. Maybe, I have already and don't even know it. I think you have found your's too and you don't even know it.

  2. Friends are such a gift! It's great to bounce things off friends.Hugs Cheri

  3. Oh...Bee...
    ahem...Like G.B. said....I think you have a style, and YOU dont feel like it is powerful enough, but it is....You have a special combo style.
    It is, as follows(or at least how i see it):
    Eva Cassidy (when you had those sunglaasses on the other day...thats who you looked like)
    Hippie chic
    Colorful, but relaxing
    Quiet, but with a confidence
    Sentimental...with humor mixed in
    Retro with a vintage edge
    Beachy/ shabby chic

    Am I right??????

    Now, here is what I think you have to do...which has to do with that one thing...Focus
    You dont want to let go , but i know that you have a strong urge to do so. I think once you give up some of those string along styles that keep interfering with your true style(because you are sentimental,and feel torn to hold onto things) are gonna be a free as a butterfly in a field of flowers..
    I bet you will have lighter shoulders as well....I also think you will sleep better.
    Now....I am here to help and i love lets get to it.....I love your funny colorful cozy style.....

  4. Oh...Yeah...I love being bossy.

  5. LOL! Who is Eva Cassidy? Rj - You are right....I gotta let go! And you are bossy!! And I know I'd sleep better if I let go of some of this weight. I'm still thinking about "pond chic"....I think I'm going to develop it.

    GB-You have a style. I've seen some of that yarn you dye. Very stylish.

    Cheri - you are right, friends are a gift. Good ones are anyway!

    Gotta go look up Eva Cassidy.

    Cindy Bee

  6. I enjoy your style here on the blog. I love the colors you have put together for the grannies and you are just fine as you are. On the focus thing. I have the same problem. That is why I have so many boxes of fabrics with patterns waiting to be cut and sewn. You are just like me, need variety in your life.

  7. I so hear you! I am working on a similar list. Good luck!

  8. I blame it all on coming down off holiday chocolate. makes your head all spinny and you cant think straight.

    Your style is "Eclectic".
    You can look that up along with Eva Cassidy - lovely voice.


  9. HI Brenda - I think crafters are like that..we have so many things we want to do.

    Cake Chick - Keep us posted on how you are doing on your list.

    Fi - I know eclectic. That's pretty much anyones style that doesn't have a style! I did look up Eva. What a woman she was. beautiful singer. I blame it on French Martinis.

    Cindy Bee

  10. Patterns and exercise are over rated, you have a style, and that r.j. and scribe they btr b nice to ms. Cindy bee!!! the inspiration you have to have down time sometimes to get the new fresh ideas flowing so no worries you'll be fine. And granny squares h e dbl hockey sticks ya i' m excited!!!

  11. #1 is me to the tee when I'm up and doing stuff. When I'm sitting down crocheting, that's it, that's all I'm doing. Unless I need something to eat or drink. Most of yours could apply to me too. I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. Why? Because I can't carry them out to fruition. :o(

    Trying to catch up Ms. Bee....I've been gone for what seems like forever!! xoxox


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