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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Granny Square Hearts...finished!

I got this pattern from the Royal Sisters blog spot.

I have to admit, they were a little harder than the tree and star pattern they have on their blog. But I fumbled my way through a few of them. I have not been crocheting long, and I find myself doing what I do when I knitted. I do easy patterns that I can sit and watch t.v. and not have to pay much attention. I've got to stop that. But that would require sitting down and paying attention, and I seem to have a problem doing that!

I like the way it turned out.

I just threw this picture in because it seems like the thing to do :-)
When I was going through some stuff, packing up my craft (clutter) room, I found this sack. Most of the stuff inside came from Damask Designs, when I went to their sale last February.

Hmmm, wonder what's inside?

Cindy Bee

Edited to add - I went around each heart with a single crochet. That was not a part of the Royal Sisters pattern.


  1. I do like the granny heart bunting. I do.

  2. OMG....Your fireplace looks like A24s....!!!

  3. Hi Cindy Bee,

    I do so love to see photos of peeps in their jammies - espesh polka dot ones! I don't seem to have any polka dots ones, must get some.....

    I like the heart bunting - I did their star bunting at Christmas time, I think Ill do more for next year.

    You know cindy, I don't think there is anything wrong with crocheting not too complicated stuff - Im pretty much the same.
    I crochet to relax and unwind, and Im usually watching telly (or at least sitting next to Ken while he watches telly), and I can do it without oodles of concentration.

    So, what's in the bag?


  4. Love the hearts! And the extra edge probably makes they lay flatter, good idea. So what is in the bag?!!

  5. more and more prettiness!! keeping those hands busy are we? I hope you are getting some mental downtime!!

    love the "heart string" - just in time for February 14~!

  6. Wooooooooooops, I am late to comment, but .....
    I love heart pennant decoration. Super super cute !!! LOVE IT !!!

  7. Your heart garland is so sweet. I've gotta do one of them.

  8. Like a designer congrats, like very much


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