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Friday, January 13, 2012


See these know I love them. But here's the thing....They have become obsessed with marking their territory IN OUR HOUSE. I noticed it about three weeks ago. I saw a stained spot on a vinyl footstool I bought at a garage sale last summer. I cleaned it up. And wiped up the floor. I did this for several days. Then I noticed a wet spot on the leg of a pie safe. I then became obsessed looking for wet spots. A few days ago I cleaned off the footstool one more time and I had told my Shug something was stinking......yup...I scooted that footstool over a bit. OMG! I heaved the footstool out the door. The padding underneath was soaked. Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend. I just let the dogs in from being outside and Winston (the welsh terrier) went over to a sack on the floor and peed on it right in front of me. I YELLED! Then I picked up the sack (it was plastic) and under it, a puddle. Then this morning as I'm watching TV, and enjoying a bit of crocheting, Dixie walked over and dribbled on a piece of furniture. Then I followed him into the hallway as he was sniffing a basket. A basket full of yarn! Yup, it was wet on the bottom. You get the idea.

I don't know what to do. I am at my wits end and I am not going to have this in my new house. My Shug has suggested I take them back to the humane society. I can't bear it. I also cannot keep them if they are going to continue. I need help NOW. TODAY. Otherwise, I know, they are gone. Do you have any idea on what I can do to get this stopped?
(kind of a bummer considering my last post....sigh....)

Cindy Bee


  1. Hi Cindy, I understand your pain. My two started doing this as puppies (they were also from a rescue shelter and had many issues) but we broke them of the habit. It's often insecurity - with mine it was separation anxiety - but it can also be because they feel more dominant than you. You have to break the habit and break it fast. I truly can't remember what we did (it's 13 years ago and one of them has passed away), but we did crack the problem.

    I found this online: Maybe this will help.

    Good luck.

  2. Hmmmm...Sorry Bee
    I know you love them
    But....for me, personally, a peeing amimal or a biting animal, take the love sting away.

  3. Are they neutered? Uncut Males will mark, or later neutered in life Males could too out of may have to limit their space for a time being using a baby gate or keeping them in the same room with you at all times, and give them an every hour outside bathroom routine as if they were babies, doing the "go potty" chant...
    until they are "secure" in your "pack" and know your expectations and the house routine... I feel for you - I lost my boots at someones house at Christmas that way (((hugs to bee lady))) :(

    there are non marking sprays you could try - but really the key here is going back to square one like as if they were newbie puppies... since we dont know what kind of background they have, thats usually the only way to start! We do this regularly in horse training with an unknown horse - start at the beginning, doing a basic hood check so you know where they are at LOL

    So basically I wonder if they were ever routinely potty trained? That could be the issue on top of the marking - they dont know any better, esp. if they came from a home where they were considered fixtures rather then part of the family. When we got Dexter from a rescue, he was going on his THIRD home (us!) at a year and half. His issue was chewing out of boredom and loneliness, not marking -he was neutered as a puppy but obviously potty trained. It took about 8 months for him to settle- fast forward today, 9 years later - no issues at all. But we kept him with us all the time,even truckrides to town, woods walking, at my desk with me,slept in our bedroom, and he became part of our "pack", becoming secure enough mentally to not "destroy". They really are like little toddler kids and its only until they know their owner, the food and potty routine to control their bladder and ignore the urge to mark, and know their place in the "pack", i think thats when they finally turn into that "good dog"...just like having a human child LOL

    However, We just went into town yesterday - 80 mile solo trip, me and Dexter - and I almost forgot I had him in the truck as he was crashed on the backseat bench of the truck, softly snoring the whole time LOL at an older age they DO become a fixture in a way LOL

  4. They may have a kidney, bladder infection or in my case with Molly she had kidney stones. She was pottying every where we took her to the vet and she had to have them removed. Also like the previous comment they could b marking their territory. I hope it gets btr. Ms Cindy bee
    P.s. You could try crating them after they come in from going out. Good luck

  5. I think Feral's advice is worth a try Bee
    Go get em!!!

  6. Leo started doing this too, and his is separation anxiety when I leave him. I tried everything. So I started making him stay outside during the day while I'm at work. First off you need to go to Petsmart and get some spray for no marking to get rid of the smell everywhere they've peed. that's so they won't smell it and re-mark.

    Leo doesn't do it while I'm at home, only when I leave him. I feel your pain, believe me. It took me a while to see that he wasn't going to stop and the only alternative I had was to put his butt outside. I don't think he's going to be with me for another year. His eyesight has gone downhill very quick, as well as his hearing. I bumped into him lightly last night in the dark and it scared the crap out of him and he went to run and fell. He's been missing his mark when he jumps into his chair. He couldn't see a treat I was giving to him the other day. He has been missing a lot of his jumps up the stairs to the porch.

    I'm so sorry, I know you love them, but I understand not dealing with the pee everywhere. It's nasty.

  7. This link may also be worth reading:

  8. Oh Cindy Bee, bummer, bummer. I hate it when a pet starts doing something like this. We had two cats at one time and one was peeing under a bed and we could not figure out which one. I was mad and working full time single mother and just decided both had to go. I think I would have handled it differently now. You probably should take them both to the vet as Grandma Peden said maybe one has an infection. And the problem with one marking or peeing in the house because of med problem the other one will start marking because he thinks it is the thing to do, wants it to be his territory also. So I think a vet trip comes first. I would kennel them until you figure it out. Save your furniture and carpet. Maybe if you do that and take them out like we did with our pups have them go and put them back in the kennel they will remember their good manners. :) Vet first!

  9. OH, just confirmed why I do not have dogs in the house. You should pop by and ask Pammy she has four males I think. Well, four dogs anyways. I hope they don't have to find a new home, but on the yarn. No way, I"m sorry to say. I will continue to visit with Sophie who lives next door thank-you....

  10. Get them each a crate and keep them in their crate except when you take them outside to the SAME place to potty. Give them the command word to potty and then PRAISE them when they potty.

    Go ahead... sound silly, it's OK... but be excited, tell them how good they are, pet them, scratch their ears, back, tummy, etc., they need to get the idea that they are doing something that really makes you happy so they will want to do their potty there and not the places where they get a very stern NO! and a very unhappy owner.

    It is important to pick out a place for them to potty and always take them to that SAME spot and use the command word.

    Exercise them outside, or let them loose in the yard, after they potty at their spot, but do not let them loose in the house.

    Take them out of the crate to potty in the morning, before and after eating, then during the day several times and before and after eating at night and then before bed.

    Keep water in the crate (there are little water holders for crates) but not in the evening and night.

    You will have to invest a lot of time and effort into potty training them until they learn where they can go potty.

    Praise is very important! Praise them when they potty in the SAME place so they know what to do. They want to please you. You need to let them know what that is.

    After they are trained, I found being able to use the Potty command very useful when traveling when my dogs were reluctant to go potty in a strange place.

    A crate is not a bad place for your dog. It is like a den for them.

    It is a safe place!

    That is why is is very important to NEVER correct or scold your dog in his crate or put him there for what he thinks is punishment. Put him in his crate after correction, but as a safe place.

    If your dog slips up and pottys in the house, tell him NO! and take him to the SAME potty spot you picked out, tell him to potty and then praise him for doing his business there, and put him back in his crate.

    Good luck! I'm not a dog trainer, but this is what I did with my dogs and it worked for me.

  11. don't they have a spray or something at the Vets that can be used around the house? I didn't read all the blog answers as to what they said~~~have they gotten jealous of each other?
    I assume both are neutered.
    OK stick diapers on them! :(
    good luck
    the cuzin

  12. oh my gosh....i completely feel your pain and have tried most these remedies. the sprays are a complete waste of money.. we do have crates... Bandit started this when we got our second male. Dakota just started it as well. I TRY everything except the expensive methods. I gave up. I dont let them roam a good portion of the house, although Riley girl gets more freedom and is allowed outside the back rooms more often. Bandit seems to do it mostly if I am not with him, or I give Hubby too much attention. I clean pee almost everyday :( Im gonna look at these websites though.


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