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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Purses and other stuff...

After Friday and Saturday I got my MoJo back!! Woo hoo...Lucky You! Lucky ME! I'll tell you why later....and Button's....I will get to that award, I promise. Thank you. But first I gotta post about my bees. But it's late and I can't do it now. Because you know me, I gotta upload a bunch of pics. Hey I purchased MB's dangit, I gotta use 'em!!

Anyway, I had coffee the other day with some friends and as we were sitting there admiring my new purse....I know I have a problem....I refuse to discuss it right now. It was Christmas money and I fell in love....with a purse. I thought about it for several days before purchasing it. There I go, justifying my problem...and discussing it. One of my New Years more Analysis Paralysis...but we'll talk about that later too...maybe. Anyway, my friend Realty Jayne said the most normal thing I've ever heard. She was referring to the Mayan Calendar and she said,
"If it's the last year of my life, I've got to have a nice purse."
So of we went, straight-away to Carson's, and she bought a nice new purse!

Cindy Bee

PS - If you want to see Buttons and Reality Jaynes blogs, they are listed on my side bar. I have a date with the couch right now.


  1. It's so darn hard to find just the right purse I'm glad you nabbed one you love!

  2. You can never have too many purses ... or pairs of shoes for that matter!!

  3. I need a new purse. the one I want is blue... and at Kohls. I really NEED it... but am trying not to think about it... too much.

  4. Jill - I when I see it, I buy it. Hence, I have way too many.

    Fiona - I agree...and I LOVE the purse you just made. I have left some comments on blogs and they did not go through. It took me to a page that said, "Do you want to start a's Free." UGH.

    Scribe - Go buy the purse. YOU deserve it. You do. You'll feel better. I promise. And I left a comment on your blog and it didn't go through either.

    Cindy Bee

  5. You my friend have the incredible gift of always making me laugh. That is why I come here. You are awesome. You and Feral Woman keep me smiling for sure. Keep spreading the smiles. B

  6. uhh...I love my purse....and i just saw another one that would serve a different purpose yesterday at Macys

  7. I've had the same purse for 100 years because I can't find what I want. (One strap, zipper - you'd think that was easy!

    I call them pocketbooks....does that mean I'm old? haha

    I hope your not sick, and that's why your mojo is gone. If you are get better soon.

    I've rec'd your comments on my blog. Did you get my email with mojo suggestions?

    Have a great day!


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