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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vintage decorating and the Quitters

I told you the other day, I've been decorating for Christmas. I started on Sunday, and I am not finished. This is an aluminum Christmas tree. No balls on it yet. Why? Well, because apparently when I stored them last year, I stored them with the rest of the ornaments, which aren't coming out until we get our real tree up. So, I have an aluminum tree up that is nakey. But it has a color wheel. So that helps.

I love vintage, retro, old; such as these ornaments.

And these Santa Clauses...or is it Claus's. Either way, I have two of them.

All of the vintage Christmas things I have came from garage sales over the years.

My Mom told me the other day that if she knew I was going to want all of this stuff when I got older, she would have saved it for me. Jeeeesh. It is all reminiscent of my childhood.




This wreath came with our house. Lots of stuff came with our house. We bought it off of the original owners, who were in their 90's. Officially, we purchased it from their 70 something year old daughter. I wish I still had some of the stuff that was left in this house (sigh) Anyway, I'm not finished decorating. We still have to put up our real tree. But I've started.

I had to because on Tuesday morning, I had some ladies over for breakfast that I used to work with at Purdue.

I'm standing on the left in the back. The one standing beside me is moving to Arizona! The one beside her, well, she was an Indiana University employee, but she acts more like us, so we let her join us. The one on the right, standing... it was her birthday. She will not divulge her age, but it's in the 60's somewhere. I've lost track!!!! These women are all good friends. You know how you worked with people for such a long time, they become like family? Yup, they family. I love 'em. Oh yeah, we all meet once a month for breakfast, usually at Panera Bread, and we call ourselves the Quitters! We couldn't claim that we all retired from Purdue because not all of us retired. Some of us Quit....hence The Quitters!

Cindy Bee


  1. Well....i have to say.... that Pepper is way cuter than your menagerie of garage sale vegabond elves...hehe
    love that tree though

  2. Ms. Bee,
    I couldnt help but notice the unkept appearance of your little elves. Please know that "we" here at the North Pole are mildly concerned for their well being.
    They are in need of a good scrubbing down and perhaps some new clothes.
    We understand that you are a "collector" of many things , but care remains at the forefront when it comes to Elf care
    Thank you for your time.
    Yours lovingly
    Mrs. Claus

  3. P.S. I think someone put to much Orange Glaze #3 in your Santa dolls spray tan

  4. RJ - There is nothing wrong with my elves...they're're just jealous!

    Mrs. Claus - Be careful, you are close to being politically incorrect towards people who tan too much!

    Cindy Bee

  5. I luv the elves...i collect those elves on the shelves and am always on the hunt. lucky girl to have a vintage tree

  6. I love the vintage Cindy Bee.

    What I would really love, is some old fashioned christmas tree lights.
    All the ones in the shops here are LED and they look to me like the should be lighting up an airport runway strip!

    I've seen ones on Ebay, but I'd have to send to overseas for them - maybe I could start a business here selling them??


  7. Hi Cindy,Your decorations are darling I remember those metal trees. Lol and the elfs they look familiar too.Everything looks so much like Christmas past! Merry Christmas, Cheri

  8. Hi Creative Wings - hmmm, do you garage sale? I'm gonna have to get up earlier....I was going to buy one for a 'girlfriend' for a certain elf (Pepper - if you follow Reality Jaynes blog) and it was at an antique store for $12.00!!!

    Fi - SO glad to hear from you again. If you are talking about those old 60's Christmas bulbs, I don't know if we sell those new here either. I think they have to be bought at sales or on ebay, but you can never be sure about the wiring. I love them too. Start the business....Vintage Christmas....and just open a few weeks a year. GO for it!

    Cheri - I love Christmas past...and present.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Can you give me the recipe for the punch!


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