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Friday, December 16, 2011

Gettin' stuff done!

First of all, Thank you for reassuring me that was lint and not mouse poo. I feel better, and you are right, mice usually leave many poos when they poo, not just one. My friend told me that one time, years ago, she heard a noise when she was trying to sleep and she said she jumped up real quick and turned on the lights and there were little mouse poos all around the indentation on her pillow where her head was!!! AAAAHHHHHH! I can hear you all screaming from here!!!!! I knooowwwww.....but I wanted to share.

And second of all, so much for short posts. I do try. But did I ever tell you I bought more picture space? Yup, I did. I have only used 4% of like 21,500 mb's...whatever that means. All I know is I can download the pictures now folks!

You know how you take pics and you don't realize until you look at them later that they are kind of funny. Well, I went to one of my niece's dance recital,

and see this little one in the middle...she didn't move the entire time. Except to turn her head. It was hilarious. And these kids all kind of did their own thing, even though they actually did have a routine.

But this pic is the best.....LOL! The teacher finally came out to help them.

My niece...blurry pics...sorry. Motion and dark...not a good combo for a cheap camera, but it has all these settings that I don't know how to maybe it's me.

Now this....I just had to share. Remember my MIL is in a nursing home type facility going through therapy. Well, she had to be moved from a temporary therapy facility to a more permanent one. She has a broken hip - it's healing. But to move her, they had to take a wheel chair accessible vehicle. We were told it would not cost us anything and they highly recommend we use their service so we wouldn't do any damage to her hip. Check out this "free" ride from one facility to the other that is less than a mile away. The first bill we got was $30.00. This is the 2nd bill. So, a total of $420.00 for a "Free" ride from one facility to the other, that is less than a mile away. Sounds right to me.

I've been making phone calls all week. I think it's taken care of. I finally have someone that wants to see the bill and said that we should not have been billed for this. Now I just hope this facility can find her two new sweatshirts I bought her. They went to the laundry and did not come back. We celebrated her 89th birthday this week. I made her a pie.

My Shug took Monday and Tuesday off of work and on Tuesday we went shopping. I went to World Market in another town to get this Ghirardelli Ground Chocolate I use to make Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa, whatever you call it. Anyway, it's my fave and I can never find it in our town. It's yummy. The one on the left is what I use, but I thought I'd give the one on the right a try.

So, while I'm there, hunting for more chocolate cocoa mix, which I never did find, I see this blond lady with an accent loading her cart with these candy bars.

L.o.a.d.i.n.g. h.e.r. c.a.r.t.

"bueno"....good?...I've never heard of them.

And I must have looked at her funny because she looked at me and said..."mmm good chocolate" which is how I knew she had an accent. Glad my Shug had to go to the bathroom because what I was really thinking was...."how in the 'H' do you keep that figure eating that much chocolate? And what is it with men and blonds with accents.....and should I develop an accent....or should I just travel to another country because then I'd automatically have an accent......" So anyway, I brought a pack home. They were wrapped three together. I thought I might eat one and use the other two

as a Christmas gifts.

But I opened one of them in the car. Big mistake.....See how you can just break off one little chunk? That's what my Shug got. One little chunk.

They just kind of melt into this mush of yummy goodness in your mouth. Now I need to go back to that store and get some more bueno chocolate.

What I didn't know is they are energy bars full of protein! See?

And that folks, is how the blond with the accent stays so skinny. Energy bars.

I know this would be a good way to end this post, but I have more pics!

So, in between all of that stuff, I've been decorating for Christmas.

I painted that pic years ago in a class. I really did.

And I decorated differently this year because I'm missing a lot of furniture in this house. I moved all the 'extra shelving type stuff' out of here to storage in our new house. So I just put up trees and pics.

And yesterday was a rainy, windy, messy day. So I stayed in and relaxed and pretended I shouldn't be cleaning instead.

I decided to get busy on my crafting type gifts. I've only got the one scarf done for my four nieces and their dolls. Way behind.

And I sat down but I was missing something. Latte' perhaps.

Then I drug Roofus (laptop) in...

and popped in "The Holiday."

And I had the most relaxing morning EVAH! Finished another scarf! I just want to do this every day!

I did finish decorating the trees yesterday too.

Yes that is a color wheel! Crocheted Christmas tree skirt Dave's Mom made years ago. I have two. One my Mom made and one Dave's Mom made....both years ago. I alternate them.
And took four boxes of 'craft stuff' to the new house.

Yarn will be the last thing I take to the new house. Very last.

Today...must get out of the house and shop.

Tomorrow....bake and make day.

It's the energy bars I tell ya. I'm getting stuff done!

Cindy Bee


  1. Love it,,, I sadly am not able to put up much in Christmas decorations but I have some of moms and my Santa's out and of course my total plastic Christmas tree...Thanks heavens the dogs leave them alone but the cats sad to say don't... Anyhow Kinder Bueno oh such yummy german chocolate....the protein comes from the milk cream thats the white stuff inside....yummy....I really should go to world market in Louisville but no time...Oh well hoping my brother who has a german store in Phoenix sends us some german goodies for morning sounds heavenly.. I am currently loom knitting on a scarf and watching netflix till mom wakes up.. then its time to get dressed and head to the post office... Hugs to you...Birgit

  2. there went a MB....hehe.
    cindy one word................decaf

  3. Believe it or not... you need to find the mother of that little angel in your first photo! Black frame... white matte... It's a gorgeous fluke, Girlie!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Can I come to your house and play?
    We could sit and craft, you could drink lattes and I could drink hot chocolates, we could watch Miss Marple, or some other movie more in tune with the festive season.

    You would have to share your 'energy' bars tho....


  5. Cindy, You just cracked me up with those candy bars.:):) You have been busy!! The little dancers, how very funny, but sweet. Smiles, Susie

  6. Cindy,you make my head spin girl! Gosh but life is never boring for you.I love reading your blog ,because I am sure to find a smile.Great pics and great stories.Merry Christmas,Jen


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