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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Festivities - Part 2 cont.

After eating, and celebrating a birthday, we played games.

Now just look at all these poker faces. We were playing a game called "Screw your Neighbor." And it kind of reminds me of an adult version of "Old Maid"...sort of. The point of the game is you want to end the hand with the lowest card. And just like when I was a kid and someone would draw the Old Maid from my hand, well I could not - not laugh. I can't help it. If the person next to me traded cards with me and got a higher card, I would try hard, very hard, NOT to laugh, but it would just bubble up out of me. I suck at cards. I do.

We had some winners but no big lotto ticket winners.

Maybe a dollar or two,

but that's it. We played a dice game called Left, Right, Center. All you need to know is which way is Left or Right, and you can play that game. It's fun. We also played another dice game called Ship, Captain, Crew, and a bingo/poker game called Pokeno.

We had a LOT of laughs.

Entertained ourselves when necessary. Can you draw a picture of a Christmas tree with presents under it, on your head?

And then when the real card players decided to play a game of Six Handed Euchre', us non-players decided to relax. We called it a night.

Aaahhhhh, my entertaining is over. My work is done. Except for those scarves. I have got to get those done. Dangit!

Cindy Bee


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!!

  2. Loved the pics of the family::and shows what fun people can have without spending a ton of money to go out!
    Your blog is always interesting and full of happiness:::::rather read it than the newspaper
    THE cUzIn GJC


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