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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday morning inspiration

I've been trying to make my posts short and posting more often. I spend less time on the computer that way. And there are things I plan on blogging about, but never get to it because something else, unplanned, comes up. Such as the other day when Ladybug Dreams posted a video of Tennessee Ernie Ford and it made me laugh. I had to share. It was too cute.

Well this post wasn't planned. Sometimes things happen that way.

Yesterday, I had coffee...okaaay, latte's, with a friend. mmmmmm.

I was talking about a certain, somewhat miserable, person in my life. She is not a social person at all. Would prefer to stay inside alone rather than join friends for lunch. I don't remember her smiling, ever. It's sad really and I feel sorry for her. And I told my friend, "I NEED people in my life." Not all the time mind you. There are times when I prefer to be alone. But I can only take so much alone-ness, and then I need to be around people. My friend said she thinks she could be a hermit. Just think my friend, if you become a hermit, you would not get any of these.....

Click here, then watch the video.

It brought a tear to my eyes,


it brought a


I believe we all need people (and latte's) in our life! Even Jesus did.

And thank you Living a Dream. I sure wasn't planning on posting this, but it just happened. Who knows...maybe it was a God is Sunday morning and I was inspired.

Cindy Bee


  1. Thanks does bring a tear to the eye..actually a few of them....I'm going to share as well....Merry Christmas..


  2. take a peek at this then - where the whole campaign came from, based on a true story ! warning, bring your kleenex!

    and I send you a cyber hug (((beelady))))!!!

  3. Love this vid.
    Last summer we were walking on the boardwalk and 3 teenagers were wearing 'free hugs' tshirts. I said really....she said 'really' - we hugged and laughed.

    I thought it was so cute.....I know she'd get young boys and men hug her....but I wasn't passing a free hug up. She didn't mind and we had a moment. How fun!

  4. Thanks Cindy! What an awesome brought a few tears and smiles.God bless and Merry Christmas my friend!Hugs,Jen

  5. let me just tell u that bread from there is amazing!!! and your post is so true, we all need that one friend we can call and always depend on no matter what time it is or if we go a week and don't call them they says "no worries i figured you were busy." marilyn

  6. Thanks for sharing Cindy Bee. Loved it.


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