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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I strayed from tradition.....again.

A couple of days ago, while carrying in groceries and putting them away, I took a load to the pantry (use term 'pantry' loosely - big gray metal cabinet in the basement) and when I came upstairs, I saw this....on the floor! WHUT? Who did this? The bagels were ripped open at the wrong end, two were gone, and one had teeth marks. When I went in the other room, Winston was in his bed. I did not send him there. I NEVER send them to bed except at bedtime. GUILTY.

And speaking of guilt... my sister should feel guilty for making her daughter dress like this in the middle of the Indiana Historical Society!

This is my niece. You can tell, she did not put that bunny suit on willingly....but this card is a treasure. I'm framing it! The worst part was she saw someone she knew. Poor kid. This is one thing I guarantee she will never forget.

Yesterday, my cousin, Vickie, came over, and we made cookies. Peeps....I had a plan. A cookie plan. I was going to make my traditional cookies. Especially after I strayed from tradition last year.

I strayed again Peeps. I'm a strayer.

Vickie did not have a plan. But she brought over chips.

White chips with red and green swirls...

cinnamon chips.....

and an old pizelle iron she found pushed waaaaay back in a cabinet behind a bunch of stuff. Her and her husband live in her late parents house. She thought the pizelle iron was long gone. She told me the story of how she had a pizelle cookie at work one day(a place that went out of business a few years ago) and she asked her Dad to make her some. He bought the iron and made them for her.

We decided to give it a try. I have plans to make more of these next year.

Shaped like this. Once I get better at it. These were practice. I need to use a different chocolate for dipping them. And next year, when I have more time....I will stuff them with something. They are cute.

We tried a couple of different recipes. The one on the left has rum in it.

The one on the right has chocolate in it...hmmmm, rum? chocolate? rum? chocolate? which to make?

I say both!

These are the only traditional cookies I made. I used the wrong chocolate, but they taste pretty good. My Shug loves them. Easy peasy. Take two ritz crackers, spread peanut butter in them, and dip them in milk chocolate. Not semi-sweet chocolate chips.

While, we were baking... I saw movement out of the corner of my eye....

Vickie was shocked at the size of this hawk and the fact that he was so close to the back windows.

It stayed there for at least two hours, What patience. I would not let my dogs outside. Dixie could probably have been lunch for this bird. Finally, it found a snack...twasn't a cookie...or a bagel. Poor little sparrow! I know...not a nice way to end a post, but everybody's gotta eat y'all!

Guess what? I still have only use 4 mb's of my photo space. Woohoo!!!

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow you busy girl! Wanna come bake cookies for me? That is on the agenda this week.All I can say is I am hungry now,thanks to those yummy looking cookies.Have a great day,Jen

  2. Those cookies all look great! I don't make cookies because I am the only one that eats them... and I eat them...and eat them...until they are gone. I have NO will power and I can't stop at just one.
    I laughed at Winston's guilty reaction. We used to have two golden retrievers. If one of them did something bad while I was out, I could tell who the guilty party was immediately!! They just couldn't hide it!

  3. Cindy, I have a pizelle maker, but I need a good recipe, could you post yours? Sounds like you just make the most fun out of things that happen. Good way to be:):)Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  4. Man forget about my GB I had to comment. You made me so hungry I was going to hop a plane to your house.
    I love the hawk sitting there watching you maybe he wanted a cookie.
    Your niece is adorable and someday when she is about 60 she will forgive her Mother.
    You make me laugh. Merry Christmas I have to go make some cookies now, it sure looks nice out though always a battle. B

  5. So, which are were you thinking of feeding with that lot??????

    Gosh, that is a LOT of cookie!

    Cindy, could you please enlighten me as to the 'pizelle' business - being a Scottish Oz dweller, never heard of it, but that contraption looks so interesting.

    (BTW - about the blog thing, seems that I had started posting in the teacups and tiskets blog, not the fionahayward blog, anyway, short of the story ended up in me deleting the fionahayward blog, and when you clicked on my name, it took you to the teacups and tiskets, which, again the short story, I will now stick with (seeing as Ive deleted the other, but there wasnt much on it anyway) - are you confused yet?)


  6. That hawk is gorgeous! I wouldn't have my dog out either. Although it might have been funny to try to watch that hawk carry off my fatty dog. ;)

    The baked goodies look delicious! I LOVE cinnamon chips! Sometimes they are hard to find. The only place I have found them in the last year is Meijer. We put them in oatmeal cookie, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin muffins. Yummo. :)


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