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Saturday, July 9, 2011

French Flea Market and Blogger Friends

Yesterday, I went to Hortons of Tipton to the French Flea Market. As I was walking through the crowd, finding my way to the bathroom, I heard someone say, "Cindy"

It was Nicki from the Vintage Farmhouse (see side bar)

Poor thing was tired! We had a nice long chat as she waited on customers. Then the Granny Bee (see side bar!) walks up and says Hi. She's shopping with our friend Kathy.

Then I look over from Nicki's booth and see the Damask Design girls.

So we chatted a bit.

We gotta come up with a name for that bust...the one above...on the table. The man in the necktie.

Not this one!

Then I ventured outside.....Oh my goodness...It was just killing Nicki that she couldn't be outside shopping! No wonder...

Rebecca Ersfield (see side bar) and I were having a chat when...what the? that one of those Damask Design ladies outside shopping? Tis indeed. Come on out Nicki!

Then Reality Jane showed up...and we shopped...then ate lunch....then shopped some more.
It was a beautiful day to meet up with blogger buddies.
I want this couch. They covered it by sewing a bunch of sheets together. I love the feel of sheets. Remember when I made pajama bottoms out of sheets for menopausal women!

I do think that couch and I could take lovely naps together.

I only bought one thing at the market. Not because I didn't want to, but because we are moving and I have a lot of 'stuff'. I need to figure out what will work in my house and what won't. I will take a pic and show you the trunk I bought for our new house. It's actually at the new house, and I am not.

My friend, Teresa, and I stopped at some garage sales, of course, and look at the purses I got.

A Fossil, for one dollar. Minus the 26 cents in the pocket when I cleaned it out! Ladies, if you sell purses at garage sales, be sure to check the pockets.

Then, "fill a bag for $1.00." "Really? Even these purses?" "Yup even these purses." I am a purse-aholic. I used to feel bad about it, until I met other people who are also purse-aholics.

And seriously, when you buy TWO COACH purses for $1.00...

what's the big deal?

But the first coach purse I bought is the one I like the best. It's in the best shape

for only $20.00!

Everyone have fun at Horton's today. I'll be slaving away hanging insulation in our ceiling at the new house.

Cindy Bee


  1. I would absolutely LOVE to learn how to cover couches with sheets... Who wants to teach me? I'm with you... I could nap all day on that!

    Glad you had a nice day, hope you stay cool whilst hanging insulation...

  2. wow what an awesome garage sale find...

  3. Sounds like a great day!!

  4. Hey! Ok...the bust does have a name "David"
    seriously you need a little lesson in art if you didn't know that :)but he did sell so maybe his new owner will call him by another name!--Nice seein you ;)

  5. Scribe, If you find someone to teach you, I want in on that lesson.

    Creative Wings, Hey are you new to my blog? Welcome. If not, my apologies. I try to answer MOST comments one way or t' other.

    RJ, You, my dear, have no room to talk. How long did you carry that "really HAWT" purse you posted about? Two weeks...maybe?

    Ronda, It was a lot of fun.

    janis, You need to go sailing with us. That's what I tell RJ all the time. She sees our stuff and gets all mad-like and I say "girl...get up and go." I understand why she doesn't though. Working all night is hard.

    Alee, First of all, I THOUGHT he was David when I wrote that...BUT he doesn't look like the David I saw at Caesars Palace in Vegas! 'course...there was more of him in Vegas...if you know what I mean. And second, I think he needed another name...a pet name if you when we come to see you we could visit 'him' too....but now it's too late. He's probably gone to some home with six kids and three dogs and they'll be rough housing and knock him on the cold tile floor to be shattered in a million pieces........

    Cindy Bee

  6. Hi Cindy Bee,

    Gosh, are the world's bloggers all migrating to your town?????
    Or there is something in the water over there that drives people to blog...... : )

    I feel so lonely now, no one I know (that i see in the flesh) blogs. : (

    I, too, would really like to know how to recover chairs. There are a few projects around here that could certainly benefit from it.
    ONe of my most favourite things is to stroll around markets, and it really looks like it was nice day.
    And especially great to catch up with all those lovely people.

    PS. I did comment on your previous post about your dad, but I think it got sucked into cyberspace - flippin' google...

  7. You know what this post made me realize??? I have been reading your blog for over a year!! I remember you posting about this flea market in Tipton last summer. Time just whizzes by I tell ya!!
    Anyway, I always love to read your tidbits and such, and will keep on comin' back!

  8. Thanks so much for loving my couch :) I just LOOOOOVE vintage sheets~ I think it's a disease! Your newest follower~ Carrie @ Hot House Market

  9. Hey Cindy Girl,
    Loved seeing you! Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting. We all had such a good show and it was fun but really hot!
    Nice to be resting today.
    Hope you are getting nearer to your goal


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