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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making Splits

Last Friday I decided to get into one of my hives in my back yard, in town. I'm way behind in beekeeping.

Vinh was here, and he said he'd help me.

I told him to get a Tyvek suit and cut it to make it fit.

It was hilarious watching him walk in this. I couldn't stop laughing!

When we opened this hive, I was shocked. It's the fullest I've ever seen a hive. It has three supers on it (the smaller boxes) and two hive bodies (the larger boxes) and every frame was FULL.

When I went to life out a frame, it was so heavy and full of honey the top bar came off of it.

That honey is now on my kitchen table - as is - YUM.

Vinh said this is possibly the bravest thing he's ever done. He's been in hives with me a couple of times, but if you look closely you will see bees flying all around him. His older brother has helped me in my hives a lot.

I took some frames with brood, honey, and bees and moved them to two empty hives on our farm. And I put empty frames back in the hive, so I've given these bees a lot more room. They were way too crowded.

If only I had this problem with all of my hives........

Cindy Bee


  1. Awesome! I don't know how you do it...I'm least I was when I was a kid...don't really want to find out if I've outgrown it either. Glad your bees are plentiful...

    Stay cool today..

  2. Very VERY cool!
    And how wonderful that you have Vinh's help as well as Vinh having you teaching him & his brother about this fascinating art.
    Love to you~
    ps..I sent Mandy an email..ask her about it.

  3. Very cool. You were hopely your hives were nice a lively. Well looks like you have nothing to worry about. Pretty cool pictures!

  4. Holy cow Cindy! That was so cool!

    No news on Shane, unfortunately. We all hate it and really just don't know what to think. The only two possibilities that I can come up with is that he has amnesia and is SOMEWHERE, and the other is that he is not among the living anymore. The police are telling his family that there are absolutely no leads in his case. We are all say the least. I know Shane pretty well and I know he wouldn't lose his job and hurt his family like this if he was in a coherent state of mind. Something is definitely wrong.

    Johnny got to come home for a couple of days before his next round of agressive chemo. We all have our fingers and toes crossed that this one will go smoothly and that a matched bone marrow donor will be found. He is back in Augusta today at the hospital.

    Thank you for your kind helps a BUNCH. xoxoxo (PS..I haven't posted because I have been so busy....hope it lets up soon!)

  5. Uhhhh...that honey looks good, honey....teehee

  6. ooooh, that looks wonderful! Yay Vinh for not freaking out about being so close to the bees :)

    Now will those empty hives with the newly place frames produce a queen from the brood?


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