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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do you all get excited when you see a scene like this?

I sure do. There's nothing I love more than old-fashioned fun.

So do all these people! This is right outside the cabin door.

And speaking of old-fashioned fun, step inside the the cabin at our pioneer village. This is Fred, sitting and spinning wool into yarn.

And this is a group of us modern day women dressed up like a scene right out of Little House on the Prairie. That's Jeannie, Beth, me and Linda....and it is HOT HOT HOT in that cabin and in these clothes.

Scribe...this pic is for you! We're not allowed to be on our cell phones while in the cabin! The Scribe told me to take a pic of my new IPhone in my Laura Ingall's clothes.

This is my friend Rebecca, spinning on a drop spindle.

This is me, weaving. I'm ripping out a "Bluppy" rug to weave it into something I might actually use! I just never could like this rug after ripping it out and ripping it out. Click on bluppy rug to read it's original story (and Beth P please forgive me for calling you Brenda in that post but it was the first time I ever met you after all....Beth P is a blog stalker btw!)

This is Linda weaving a beautiful rug she made out of a queen sized sheet.

This is Beth working on a tapestry loom. She's making a bag.

And speaking of bag...on our way out of the fair we saw this lovely coonskin purse. We thought this would be a great gift for our friend who is turning 60 this year. What do you think KE? (KE is another blog stalker) Think our friend will like this purse?

Bee-you-ti-ful sky last night. Even had a full moon but I didn't get a pic of it.

Bye bye fair-see you next year. (actually might go back tonight)

Cindy Bee


  1. Hi Cindy~ These are great. You all look like you are having fun. I always wanted to learn how to work a weaving loom. Very cool. Gosh there is so many things I want to learn... where does the time go?
    Im not a fair gal. I do love fair food, but the rides freak me out (traumatized from a little accident as a kid). {Gosh... I have a lot of freaky memories. I wonder why so many weird stuff happened & I have to remember them all}.
    Love to you~ We have a gentle breeze here in Indy... hope it reaches you all too!

  2. I love the pictures... But I'm telling Fred you had your phone out in the cabin!!! I'll be on the porch tonight spinning away!!

  3. lol you can never go wrong with fur or leather as a gift...except maybe in this case.

    LOVE the outfits - and then your weaving on top of all this? No wonder -you ladies generate heat in that cabin! Poor Fred! lol

  4. Hey ...looks like a really fun time. Be back in Crumble town on Monday..see ya soon...

  5. janis - You just need to come pay us a visit sometime. You'd have fun with us women. Just let those freaky memories go by the wayside and focus on the good. Come to think of it, I had a freaky fair ride incident as a child too! Thanks for reminding me of that!

    Knit Wit - I swear you better keep your mouth shut! I'll be there tonight, but I'm gonna eat fair food and walk around a bit. I'll stop by.

    Feral Woman - Fred loves it!

    RJ - Miss you. Drive safe.

  6. That looks like so much fun, Cindy! I'd love to have a go at weaving some day.

  7. I just love to see how folks used to do things along time ago. I have aways been interested in that simple way of life. But then again I just love technology! I say I am not going to get an iphone but they are so cool, my son has one and he loves it! I do have an ipad that I am starting to learn about. Thanks for always visiting my posts. Someday we will have to sit on the dock of the lake house and have some blonde brownies and mint ice tea!


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