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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ceramic Artist Patti Beck

A couple of months ago I posted where I bought some of these off of a friend.

And some of you asked where you could buy them.

Well my friend Patti Beck, who is a ceramic artist, makes these right here in Sharpsville, IN.

Even though these aren't exactly French, she was at the french flea market.

I have several of these birds. They are fun to hang in birdhouses, in trees, on branches, etc.

Collectible dolls and Santas


More pins.

Beautiful things to hang on the wall, fence post, shepherds hook.

I have one of these red flowers in a pot with a plant. Mine has PEACE on it.

More plant stakes

Plant markers

Herb markers.

Sorry the pictures aren't so great. Patti was very busy and selling this stuff like crazy. Her booth was packed full of people and I had a hard time getting pictures without people in them. Here is her contact information if you are interested.

Patti Beck


Enjoy Shopping,

and tell her Cindy sent you.

Cindy Bee

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  1. Oh my goodness Cindy~ ALL her work is perfect! I can see all those different chicken on my Christmas tree. I am going to like her on FB, so I can keep up!

    Next year I want to go! How far is it from Grand Haven, Mich? I promise my folks I'd come see them at the lake next year. :)


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