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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pioneer Village

See this cabin? Well it's a very busy place right now. Members of the "Twister Sisters and Misters" spinning group I belong to are occupying it this week. They are hanging out on the porch spinning fiber into yarn.

Or they might be inside, weaving. Whatever they are doing, they are dressed in pioneer period clothing, having a great time visiting, creating and teaching pioneer crafts.

Come and see me Friday evening. I'll be weaving inside the cabin and yes, I'll be dressed in style!

Our county fair has a great pioneer village with a church

three log cabins, and other people camping out in their tents.

My niece and I have even spent the night in this cabin!

Come by the Howard County Fair and visit the Pioneer Village. If you come on Friday night, please stop by and say Hi.

Lastly, but most importantly, I would like to apologize for not visiting blogs as much as I usually do. I know everyone is busy and have busy lives. I've been extra busy lately as My Shug and I have both been working a lot trying to get our basement living area finished in the house we are building. When I tell people we are building a house, they assume we are having it built. We are not having it built. We are building it. I've been putting insulation in the ceiling this week and my Dad has been helping me. He's always so polite to thank me for allowing him to help!

Plus we have other things going on as well. Family things, friend things. And I am trying to keep up somewhat of a social life and do all of the normal type things in life that we all must shopping, cooking etc. Beekeeping has been put on the back burner the last month, but I'm hoping to do some today, and this weekend. AND I really hope to visit all of you soon. I miss my blogger friends.

Cindy Bee

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  1. Hmmmm, I think I might try to talk some friends into going out there with me!


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