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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is precious...

This morning I was getting ready for an appointment when I got a call. It was my Mom...she was somewhat panicked. Something bad has happened...and can I go get Dad. He's at the credit union and he's a bit shook up. (without all of the details that was the 'jest' of the call) When I got off the phone I was shook up...literally shaking.

I got to the credit union and somehow, someway, someone took me inside to my Dad.

Here's what happened. He was walking out of the credit union and ran into a guy he hadn't seen in five years. They were joking around and talking, happy to see each other, when in the blink of an eye...a lady walked up to where my Dad and his friend were standing, a truck drove up to them, and hit the lady. She flew in the air, then was ran over. She was killed. The man my Dad was talking to got hurt from the flying wood and bricks from the building. My Dad ran inside and told them to call 911. My Dad doesn't have a scratch on him. Thank God my Pa is ok. Thank God.

Life is precious people.
Treat every day special.
Treat people special.
Make amends.

Funny how I just posted how we can live, laugh, love, and pray. I pray for that lady's family. They got the dreaded phone call today.

My pa is ok.



  1. Cindy Bee,
    I am very sorry about the horrible event your dad endured. Very scary. We will pray for the 3 of them today.

    Yes life is very precious.

  2. I heard that something tragic happened there today and that the bank closed for the sad. i am glad your dad is ok...Feel horrible for the womans family

  3. Oh Cindy, I have chills reading about your dad. That is awful! I am thankful your pa is unhurt and his friend too. I feel terrible for the woman's family and for the person who hit her. I wonder if he/she had a stroke and lost control. That is so sad.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog, you have good experiences you share and fun comments--thank you.

  4. Oh how horrible!
    Blessings to you, Dad, and family. Prayers to the woman's family.
    You are so right. Life is precious..

  5. Oh Cindy that is just awful ! I am so thankful that your dad is okay !Prayers going up for the lady that lost her life and her family.So sad that this had to happen.Hugs,Jen

  6. I saw lots of vehicles there when I drove by & didn't know the scoop. Praise God your Dad is fine... but will continue to pray for him as he finds a way to cope with what he saw. :(

  7. My heart does go out to this woman's family and thankfulness to you and yours that your dad is OK. Life is so precious we just never know. xo

  8. Sending Prayers to all involved and so glad to hear your dad is ok Cindy...Life has a strange way of bringing out the good the bad and the ugly all in one sitting.....Hugs to you Birgit

  9. Oh my gosh Cindy, how horrible!! Prayers for all involved. Thank God your dad is ok!!


  10. Oh my.

    Every breath is precious isnt it... I am so joyful that your dad wasnt physically hurt ; but there will be some emotional scarring that will never go away - so glad that your mom could count on you to go and pick up your dad.

    That poor family - what a tragic, tragic thing to happen. Adding to the list of prayers tonight...

  11. Thanks to all of your for your kind and loving comments. I'm sure my Dad and the girl's family felt your prayers. In today's paper it said she was only 23. How very sad. When I got home, my MIL had left a message. She had a wreck. A fender bender, and she's fine, but there were about seven accidents in a four hour time frame in this town. Crazy. And yes, life is precious.

    Cindy Bee


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