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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Showing some thigh!

Don't get all excited here...I'm gonna show you some thigh. And hold the comments, please!
When I was in my hive the other day, I got stung on my leg, through my jeans. I would like to explain that this...

is what it looks like when you get stung by a stinging insect. It is NOT an allergic reaction. It is a normal reaction to the venom the insect injected into my body, and it itches like crazy.

is a normal reaction if you're a weenie, but not allergic! You'll go to bed, raise your leg, and act like you're gonna die, whine a lot, and get a lot of attention, so you'll stay like this for a long time. All afternoon if that's what it takes to continue getting sympathy and attention!

The main reason for this post is this....the swelling, itchy, red reaction is NOT an allergic reaction. And if you are allergic, you best be carrying an epi-pen. It is your responsibility to carry an epi-pen if you are allergic, because there are thousands of stinging insects in this country/world. And if you are truly allergic, then here is what will happen. You might go into anaphylaxis, in which case you will not be able to breath. Other allergic reactions are flushing, apprehension, tachycardia, thready or unobtainable pulse associated with a fall in blood pressure, convulsions, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps, involuntary voiding, wheezing, due to laryngeal spasm, rashes, and a couple of other things I cannot pronounce and have no idea what they are, and death.

I do have a friend that gets a rash. This rash is different than the one I showed you above. It's more of a poison ivy type rash and it spreads. If you are allergic to honey bees you are probably allergic to hornets, yellow jackets, wasps, stinging ants, and many other insects. Be responsible for yourself and carry an epi-pen. Those insects are everywhere.

My thigh itched like hell for a few days. I could have taken a benadryl but didn't. I decided to tough it out. Dixie, on the other hand, took 1/4 of an adult benadryl, Veterinarian's orders!

Lastly, let me say if you do get stung, DO NOT PULL THE STINGER OUT. Instead, take a sharp object and scrape it off, not out. If you pull it out, you will open up the little bulb at the end of this stinger that is holding more venom. It will go right into your system and you'll itch a whole lot more.

Cindy Bee


  1. Is this blog going sexy???
    Is this blog going medicine woman??

    Haha thanks for info...especially the scraping the stinger out. That's why we come learn stuff :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Ouch...when I was a kid every time I got stung by stepping on a honey bee about the 2nd day I'd have to go to the doctor, I'd swell and get red streaks running up my leg, got stung by a wasp and didn't have any reaction..needless to say, I've ran from all bees my entire life..chicken I am. I will talk to the dr about an epi-pin just in case..

  3. Ouch to you both. When you mention about scraping the stinger, does this mean that part of the stinger inside you stays inside? xo

  4. Ouch. Get better. Does baking sode help? Maybe, some cooler weather, how's about that... We can only hope.

  5. Oooooo...did you cuss? Poor poor baby Dixie. Cindy Bee that honey was really delightful today.

  6. Oh. My. Lands! And I did not know about not pulling out the stinger. Good to know. I never was allergic as a child, but am horribly allergic as an adult.

  7. Yep - I carry an epi-pen for just that reason. I've had anaphylactic shock once and never ever want to do so again.

    Hope the itching stops soon for both of you! At least you know what has happened - you can't explain it to Dixie. When my Pip was stung in the paw last year she was in lots of pain. That was an expensive trip to the vet!!

  8. Juls - ummm, excuse me please, but didn't I say no comments about the thigh? And my first comment on this post was....about the thigh!

    Ronda - that's scary. I'd get an Epi-pen. Although they do say you sometimes grow out of allergies. But then, they can also get worse, rather than better. Allergies are funny that way.

    Joyce - If you scrap the end of the stinger so it isn't sticking ouet of your body, then your body will eventually absorp the stinger. Either way, the venom is in your body.

    GB - Cooler weather would help! Then I could get that bees suit on, extract some honey, and give those bees a lot more room. I don't know about baking soda, but I've heard that you can tape a copper penny on a sting and that's supposed to help.

    RJ - Thanks. I think it's the best way to eat honey. Hmmm, did I cuss? Probably.

    Angela - Get an Epipen

    Fiona - SCARY! Next time ask the vet if you can give Pip a benadryl. Dixie didn't even have to go to the vet. For some reason Dixie seems to step on bees a lot. None of my other dogs have ever had this problem. I think it's his pink skin. Poor little guy. He gets a lot of attention when it happens. hmmm, wonder if he's faking a sting!

    Dr. Cindy Bee :)

  9. This was a scary post, but much needed! Glad you guys didnt need an epi -pen!


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