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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

It is SO HOT OUT. Yes that says 103!

It's way too hot for this hat...weird...a person shouldn't be wearing this hat any time of the year anyway? BTW-I'm going to start a new blog post now and then called....Really?!??!! or maybe Seriously people??? And hatwoman is my first pic for it.

It's too hot for this job! And that hard hat going to help him if he falls?

I Love Summer. I do. Seriously, if someone wrote a book titled "Winter" I doubt I'd buy it. But I bought this fun book a couple of years ago, just because I love Summer. Does anyone besides me think the weather has gone totally wacko?

All I want to do is sit in this chair. But I can't because it's not mine. It's at a store. I think I'll paint mine this color though. I like it. My friend RJ decided the decorating style in my new house will be Pond Chic. Nice huh? Can't be coastal because we don't live on a coast, can't be lake house style we don't have a lake.

We have a pond. Hence, Pond Chic. And this is how we cool off in our pond...

Winston wouldn't leave the shore until Dave took him out and had him swim a little at a time.

Now we can't keep him out of the pond.

He loves it.

How do you stay cool

in 103 degree weather?

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy...I love your summer pond photos...I love seeing a dog and a kid having fun...Thats what life is supposed to be.
    Pond Chic could be a new trend...We could be style setters..
    I havent gone out of my air conditioned house all day...Depressed PMS mode is good in a heat wave.

  2. Loved your pics ! Have a great weekend!Jen

  3. Aw....these are great pix. DAve and Winston in the pond. I love it!

    Sorry, I'll take winter over this heat any day of the week..month...year. you can always get warm.....But then again...I don't have a pond>>>>

  4. nothing like a pond, a boy and his dog! Love the pictures. Stay cool!

  5. I go to the pool...but I think I would rather have a pond! That looks so inviting!

  6. Nicki - I used to do that when I was a kid!!! I forgot about it. We didn't have air conditioning back then and we'd come in and stick our head in the freezer. Another thing I'd do is turn my pillow over at night. Did you ever do that? The under side of the pillow was always cool at night.

    RJ - YOu gotta get out of the house. It helps with depressed PMS mode. I love seeing a kid and a dog in the pond together too. It's so cute and old-fashioned. Kids seem to need chemical treated pools now a days.

    Thanks for the pond comments everyone. I too prefer pond water over a pool. Jul - I really have to change of attitude about winter before it ges here. Last winter about did me in. For real. I can't like it anymore, but I want to.

    Cindy Bee

  7. uh oh...I think the heat is getting to our bee lady the way it does to those poor little fuzzy bees in the hive...

    pontification AND sardonic wit can be a dangerous thing in 103 f heat!!!

  8. Love the photos @ the pond BUT Im totally a "gotta see my feet gal"... If the water is pond, lake, ocean... I freak if I cant see my feet...something might bite me! Give me the POOL!
    I also gotta stand up for a couple of your are you serious people photos.. Hat lady~ 2 thoughts...1~ hats can actually be cool (believe it or not.. thats why cowboys wear them :) 2~ My MIL has a sun allergy and cant let the sun on her face or scalp or she gets fever and horrible hives. She never goes without a hat or scarf
    Hardhat guy~ maybe he is afraid of that ladder falling over on him... I wish I had a hardhat on earlier when I was trying to wind up the hose after giving all the dogs baths & somehow wacked myself on the head! lol

    ALSO... I read where you left a comment on another blog about the B&N addition (ME TOO!!!) Next time you are in Indy if you wanna someone that will hang at a Barnes & Noble...holler & Im there! :) know the AC is on in the store!

  9. Wow, is that the new decor name? Pond chic? We have two but neither as large as yours. And the Bug will only dip her front paws in. I like the cottage look best and I do not care if I live by a lake or not. Love the chair also!

  10. Feral Woman - I have lots of hats. Probably a dozen. I wear them. I do not wear red and orange oversized fuzzy hats anywhere. This particular hat should not be worn in public. Maybe at a drunken bar party or something, not out shopping.

    janis - I do see my feet because I lay on the raft the entire time! Feet up on the raft! I don't put them on the bottom of the pond.

    See comment to Feral about hat woman. As for the hard hat...I really felt it was too hot for the job. My bee hat is like a hard hat and I would not get in my hives in this heat because they raise the body temp. They were not part of the Serious people? photo.

    Maybe we should all meet at a bookstore...but then, we'd be shopping the whole time!

    Brenda - yes it is a new name....we made it up! I like cottage style too.

    Cindy Bee

  11. Hi Cindy! "Pond Chic"--hilarious! I can't wait to see more of how that style develops in your new home! Now, you know what I was wondering about when I saw the pond? Snakes...
    And, my vote is for WINTER weather. Sleigh bells ring, are ya listening....

  12. what a cute pup! this week is going to be brutally hot here in Texas. 103-107 actual temps all week. A/C is our savior...

    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! really appreciate it! blessings to you and yours!


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