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Monday, October 27, 2014

Moving Coral Belle

As you know, I've been fixing up Coral Belle for the last few weeks, a little bit here and there.  Well, Saturday was moving day.  I was so excited. 
We've been trying to figure out where to put her.  I thought I had the perfect spot picked out, but we've noticed that the ground slopes a bit there, and it's wetter than other areas.  Then My Shug asked what I thought of putting it on the inside edge of the woods!!!  Of course, we had to clear a spot.  A couple of crooked trees lost their life as they knew it.  They are now campfire wood, so they didn't get totally wasted.
After spending two or three hours clearing the area, it was time to move the camper. 
Dave borrowed a hitch from the neighbor for our tractor (I don't think I've mentioned he has wrecked his truck to the point of no return.  He was not hurt. Another story for another time...maybe.)
 Here he comes...
and there he goes!  I thought he was going to pull it in, and obviously he thought this through way more than I did.  If you pulled it in, the door would be facing the woods, and not the path. 
So he backed it up across the entire ex-bee yard, now pole-barn yard?  (who knows what we'll call it now.)  Anyway, a long way to back up.
And here it goes, into the woods.....
And after a couple of times pulling in and out, not bad really....
and a bit of back and forth and back and forth maneuvering....

and getting off and on the tractor to see what I was talking about when I said, "a foot back, and a little bit more forward..."
She was finally just right!

This is the view from the old campsite...
And this is the view from the bee/barn yard!

Now...about the "old campsite"....I sort of camped there one time. In a tent.  I am not a tent camper.  

But we used to use it a lot.  See herehere
or really see here for the best pictures. But when we cleaned out my potting shed at the house we lived in before here, we dumped anything that would hold up outside, in the campsite.  Then weeds grew up around it.  We haven't used it since, which has been a year or two.
I've decided since I have a camper in the area, I'm cleaning up the campsite.  I have a list a mile long, and I'm going to get 'er done today!  It's going to get up to 80 degrees on this fall day peeps! And this is one of the last warm days.  So....See ya later!

Cindy Bee


  1. Hi Cindy, I love that next to the last photo where you see it at the end of the path. What a wonderful retreat. Is it going to be a place for the two of you, a craft-room, or a guest house. Is it too early for me to make reservations? Just kidding, LOL. I can not wait to see how you fix it up. I'm really happy for you, having a little vintage camper is a dream come true:)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie. Well I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use her for yet. I might camp out with my nieces, or I might invite friends over. I did mention to a few people to come over in the spring for a seed exchange. Maybe we'll have it there. I've spoke of having a little garage sale/market in that area. I am fixing up the campsight to be a magical fun place to visit. And yes you may make reservations, but if you get scared you'll have to tough it out as our house isn't finished and we are still living in one room!

  2. Having seen the bee yard and walking around for just a bit when I visited I cannot picture that path at all. Can you see from the house? Hope you get to enjoy it!

  3. How pretty she looks, quite a magic place where the forest ends. I can just imagine a nice campfire there... well, a small one anyways =)

  4. Hi Brenda. Nope...can't see it from the house. But it is in the woods between the house and the bee yard. And you enter from the bee yard on the opposite side of where the bees were.

  5. You have done a lot of work with your Shug. I hope it all works out perfectly for you. It sure will be fun for the nieces. I did not get to go junking yesterday...I love both of the treasure marts. The one on Vaile is my favorite. xoxo,Susie


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