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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A tiny bit of Brown County

Well I had big plans tonight to blog, and to visit your blogs, but I am still in the hills of Brown County and my computer is running way to slow.  You'd think I was on dial-up.  It took about an hour and a half just to download these three pictures, and now My Shug is ready to go to the cabin as he is sleepy.  I thought I'd have plenty of time to do all I had planned, because a football game is on.  Better luck tomorrow night. 
Yesterday, was my Shug's birthday.  I made some blueberry muffins for our little get away and stuck a candle in one of them for him!  I also wrapped his gifts as though it were back in the days of Daniel Boone.  He loves the show but I don't think he caught on as to what I was trying to do.  Oh well.

Then yesterday afternoon we took off for Brown County.  We got our usual cabin room with the little porch, but we are thinking as much time as we spend in the lodge, maybe we should switch it up a bit next year.  We're getting older....sigh.  Older people stay in the lodge.  Well, it's true.  That, and people with kids so they can play in the water park.
 I have a ton of pictures to show you of this fabulous garden center we went to....but since my computer is being so slow,
and My Shug is ready to go.....maybe tomorrow.

Cindy Bee


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