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Monday, March 4, 2013

Ripple-a-long Monday

Remember Ripple Tuesdays?
Much has changed.
1) Kristi is recovering...
2) The yarn store has moved locations and isn't open yet...
3) Tuesday crochet now meets on Thursdays, but isn't meeting right now because of change #2.
4) We kind of stopped working on them because of Christmas projects and Winter Woolen Workshop projects.
So, when I saw a post on Facebook from Melissa,  Day to Day saying she was going to have a ripple-a-long, I decided to join in.  I really want to get this blanket done and it's the right motivation to get me going.
It's big and nice and snuggly right now so it keeps me warm while I ripple.  And it's so darn cold out right now.  Apparently we are in the direct path of another snow/ice storm.

So, on Friday evening, I got the blanket out and started working on it.  But the minute I got it out, my niece, who was spending the night, sat on my lap.  Then, in a jealous fit, Dixie sat on my lap.  So I was attempting to ripple around them.  Not a good idea.  I ripped that row out.  
Big difference between ripping and ripple-ing!
Then Sunday evening I got it back out.  Apparently,  Dixie thinks it's an open invitiation for him to jump on my lap.   And when he looks at me like this....I have a hard time resisting.  So I settled him in beside me, and got started....again.
He just likes to snuggle.

 Here it is so far. 
 It's quite an ambitious project for me.  I want it to fit our bed.
 It looks like it's about half way there, but it really isn't...I haven't pulled it down over the end of the bed.

So I need to get back at it folks.....
If I can keep him off of it long enough....sigh...

Cindy Bee

PS - Pop on over to Melissa's blog and check out some other ripple blankets. Join us!


  1. wow you got most of it done so fast...I wish I could crank out a project ...

  2. I thought thats why they call them lapwarmers? Isnt he doing his part in the world?

    love the spring colors on it: boy when you tackle a task, you always go big! ;)

  3. We had a cat growing up that did the same thing to my Mom everytime she tried to knit or crochet!

  4. Oh I love these colours. I think someone else approves too:) So cute.
    Hey Mom wanted her tree down today so I guess no Easter tree maybe next year. Thanks for thinking of her HUG B

  5. Goodness, it is so beautiful!!


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