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Monday, March 18, 2013

Crochet a longs....

 Well, here is my ripple.  I didn't get much done on it this week.  Two rows, and barely those.   If you want to see a lot of very nice ripple blankets, head over to this blog post.
 I still love it, I've just been busy and tired to the bone.  We are trying to get our house in town ready to sell.  Check out the construction blog.
 In the meantime, our crochet group started this pillow crochet-along with Alexandra Mackenzie. 

 The crochet a long started a week or two before we did, but we couldn't all get together when it started.

 So we met last Thursday for the first time, and we plan on meeting the next two Thursdays.
 The entire pillow pattern has been posted on facebook, so follow Alexandra if you want to make one.

 The only problem we had....had nothing to do with the had to do with talking too much!!!
Good grief I had to say...."okay please stop talking for just one moment so I can tell you the next round, then you may resume your conversation."  Lawdeee Lawdeeee Lawdeeeee......

But the truth is, what can be more fun than good friends, good drinks, and good crochet!

Cindy Bee

PS - Ok, apparently I made it sound like our friend Kristi is in rehab from smoking and drinking.  I assumed that you all knew she had a massive heart attack, since I posted about her before.  And I assumed you knew her rehab was from her heart attack.  And I had told you all that she was a healthy, under 50 year year old, that worked out, and the only thing she did that wasn't healthy was smoke, and perhaps drink.  I should not assume and did not mean for it to sound like she was in rehab for smoking and drinking...she is rehabilitating or in physical and mental therapy from having a massive heart attack. was in that line of thinking that I wrote the following...
Peeps, I've been reluctant to talk about this.  We went to see Kristi after our get together.  She is not the same person.  She just isn't.  She has some memory loss.  She mentioned going to the "yarn store last night" and her "knitting group" and peeps....she doesn't knit and she didn't go to the yarn store last night cuz you know what...the yarn store ain't even open.  And she's in rehab.  And things just aren't the same.  I'm not even going to get on my smoking/drinking soapbox.  You know the dangers, you know it CAN happen to you, and you've heard it enough.  Kristi will turn 50 this year.

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  1. Hi Cindy,
    I love the colors you chose for your blanket!


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