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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Las Vegas Party - Part II

If you've ever been to Vegas, you know there is a lot of food, places to eat, and buffets. We had a buffet full of food.
 And I didn't get a lot of pictures of the food, but I did get a picture of this most beautiful fruit tray ever.  Now, if you know my sister, she is big on catering food in, or paying someone to make something that I always say, "you can make that!" or "I can make that" or "we can make that!"  Sooo, I asked her where she bought the fruit tray?  She said, "I MADE IT SISTER!!!"  Yikes!  I didn't know.
 (I just threw this picture in because you can see how my niece with the broken arm in the bright pink cast, matches it as much as possible- funny!  She got the cast off yesterday.)
 Eating was first on the agenda, and I tell you what.  You can NOT get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.  I give up. 
 Vickie, taking a moment alone, while we are all waiting on Ashley to come so we can surprise her.  Do you think she is just waiting on Ashley or is she thinking about all those thirty years of raising a daughter....hmmmm.....
 No time to think...quick...hide in the she comes...
 Let the games commence....
 Time to open gifts...
 Adrienne, my niece, above, was born one day before Ashley (Adrienne knew about the party)
 And Ashley, my cousin, Vickie's daughter.
 And Greg, my Sisters, Father-in-Law.  Trent's Dad.

 Our Aunts and Uncles came to the party.  There's my Shug in the pic below in the reddish shirt.
 A few photo ops....
 Ryan and Melissa.  Ryan is Ashley's brother, Vickie's son, and Melissa is his girlfriend.
 Adrienne and Andrew, my niece and nephew. 
 We took this picture because Theresa and I are not going to Vegas to celebrate Ashley's birthday.  We have group pics of every birthday we've celebrated in Vegas.  Ashley and Vickie are going  - this week!  I wish we were all going.  So anyway, this is our faux' Vegas picture.
 Adrienne, me, and Theresa  (my Sister is supposed to be sending me some pictures that are better than the ones I have....but so usual)
 This is Andrew( my nephew), Duke (my brother-Andrew's Dad), and our Dad.
 Mary, me, Aunt Nancy  (Mary and I crocheted together in Vegas by the pool last year- and you think all you do is gamble in Vegas...not at all....her and I only played a few slots, but still had a great time)
 Adrienne and Mom (which would be her Grandma)
 Adrienne with Mom and Dad (her grandparents)
 This is a pic of my Aunts and Uncles.  Uncle Jerry, on the left, is my Mom's twin brother.  Then there is Uncle Ike, her older brother, Mom, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Emory's wife, Uncle Emory, my Mom's younger brother, and Aunt Betty, Uncle Ike's wife.
 Greg, Trent's Dad.  He ate a cookie with blue icing and he was getting ready to go to the Elks!
More games

 And this kid took all of the helium balloons down and wrapped them around her body.  This is my Great niece, Dylan.
 Viva Las Vegas Baby!

I do want to add that it is not always a party when our family gets together.  But we do enjoy each other's company.  We have had our ups and downs just like any other family.  We've all said and done things that have hurt others, but we move on, we get over the bad times, and we forgive.  If you think you've been hurt by someone, and you have never done anything to hurt anyone else...that you are always the're wrong.  If you've got a mouth, and you can speak, then at some point in your life you have said or done something that you regret.  I know I have.
And when something is going on in this family, such as a sickness, or a death, or a divorce, we are there for each other.  When my Aunt was very ill, My Shug and I went to the nursing home and he just stared and said, "what is going on?"  People were everywhere.  In her room, in the hall playing cards, there was food...I simply told him this is what we do.  When my Uncle, in Texas, was passing away, all of his brothers and sister went to Texas. He held on until the last one got there. 
When I was growing up, we got together every weekend, even though we lived in another town.  My cousins were my friends.  They still are.  I didn't know there was any other way until I was older.  People have asked me many times, why are you building such a big house when it's just the two of you?  It isn't just the two of us....I have my family.  I plan on having them over, I plan on letting them have get togethers here, parties, we will make more memories.  Good grief, isn't that what life is all about?  Memories.


  1. your family is so beautiful...

    and you cant tell that any of you are related ;p LOL

  2. Just to let you know that I have posted my Spreading the Nice pledge on mine and my cats' blogs!
    Jane x

  3. Memories OH you are very wise my dear friend. You have it all right:)
    You and your family are examples more of us should be following. Life is to be celebrated until it is over that is family. HUGS HUGS
    It is never too late for anyone to see this and learn what it is to be real family and love unconditionaly. Hugs B


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