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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Emergency Meeting for Groovy Girls of Anarchy

 So.  I called an emergency meeting of the Groovy Girls of Anarchy.  And here's the thing...our Groovy Girl closed the yarn store! 
NOT TO WORRY...she is relocating.  
Moving to a better location on the West side of town.  It's gonna be nice.  She plans on having her grand opening on April 1, but might open sooner if she has it all moved and ready.  This new place is going to be cute and cozy.  
 So, we had our emergent meeting at the Big Ben Coffee shop.  And here's the thing folks....I'm a little concerned because Groovy Girl's new location is going to be right by this coffee shop, which happens to serve the best latte's in town.  (try a Winter Wonderland or a Cabin Fever if you don't believe me)

 So, four of us showed up and Groovy Girl says, "Bee, why did you call this meeting?"
 I'll tell you why, Because I decided our friend Kristi needs crochet heart bunting for her bed.

 And I thought it would be more special if we all made it.  So I called an emergent meeting, brought the yarn and the pattern, and Lordy was there a bit of grumbling.......Bee do you know what you are doing?  This can't be right?  I'm going to try it this way? Have you made this pattern before? I have too many meetings today for this.   Get out of my space?  This is my space, this is your space...
blah blah and blah...

 Then Ben walks up...our Barista...I said to smile.....and what does he do,
he holds up muffins in front of his face!

 And we needed an odd number of hearts...but there were only four of us, so each of us crocheted a row on the last heart.  It turned out a bit wonky...but
 what do you think?  
As we were decorating the bag, the Granny Bee got a text.  Kristi can have visitors.
See you Wednesday Kristi! 
With some crochet heart bunting for your bed.  We love you girl!

Oh yeah...the other thing....Groovy Girl Yarn's new location is right by a chocolate shop too.  YUM!

Cindy Bee


  1. Replies
    1. I hope it does! We hear she is improving.

      Cindy Bee

  2. Sweet bunting, that should indeed put a smile on your friends face! Well now I will have to re-visit the yarn shop when I have more time than last. Note to self and Cindy Bee, yarn shop first next time.

  3. So sweet, you're such good friends but uh oh...a coffee shop AND a chocolate shop?

  4. Tell her I said hi and I'm glad she's getting better I have to work so I can't come.

    1. YAY! I started to text you yesterday. I still have those dishes you want! Sounds like things are improving. Can't wait to hear details such as where you are working. I see you are selling your bracelets at Angies. I have some belts in the garage sale pile you might want.

      Cindy Bee

  5. Yay Kristy - she can have visitors so that means she must be feeling a little bit better? She'll love her bunting!

    and honest to peaches. sometimes reading your posts makes me want to move to Indiana to crochet with a bunch of unique women...thats...thats just... weird.


    1. Well....not real sure about Kristi but hope to find out soon.

      There ain't nothing weird about moving her so you can crochet with us. Don't really have a lot of trees you can knock down though!

      Cindy Bee


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