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Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Day

 So, after everyone left on Christmas eve and we were getting ready for bed....I saw this little guy in my hair stuff.
 And the next morning my Shug called me into the bathroom....another one.
 And a few days later.....look closely at the top end of the stairs, towards the middle...

 Another one...
  I keep finding them....I don't even remember how this got started.  But every year whoever has them, hides them in the other persons house.  Has nothing to do with Christmas, except for us. 

We went to my Sister's house for Christmas.  We always do.  She lives halfway between all of the families, and most importantly, she has a bonus room UPSTAIRS that the kids run off to play in!
Remember the ornaments we made on Thanksgiving Day...
She put them on a "family" tree.
Last year you might remember we had a Mexican Fiesta.

 This year we had an Italian theme.
 (Sorry the pics are so horrible. Just wasn't a good electronic year.)
Wine of course
Some Italian dish my Dad is famous for making with bow-tie pasta
Italian veggies (including Brussels sprouts which I always think smell like poop when they are cooking, so I cant even think about eating them)
and prosciutto wrapped around asparagus
 My lasagna recipe is yummy, I'll share it sometime!


More eating and drinking!

Time to sit by the fire and open presents.

Remember how I've been giving you glimpses of this...

 A rasta hat for my Brother-in-Law.  We draw names and I drew his.  He got some other gifts from me of course, but he had asked me to make him one of these types of hats several years ago.  I didn't know how...I do now :-)
I want one but in different colors.  I'm thinking about teaching a class on it at Groovy Girl yarn,
what do you think?
Oh Sister told me their daughter asked her to, "please make Dad stop wearing that hat.  He's embarrassing me!"

And my Shug drew my nephew's name.  I made him a black hat.  
As you might have noticed, he wears a hat ALL THE TIME.
I know...he's cute.

 I think my brother was  happy he did not get a hat made by me? (or maybe it was the wine!)
I have no idea what my Shug was thinking...probably...annoyed that I'm crocheting all the time!

Time for some yummy desserts.
I call these There-sa's (tree-sas) after my sister. You add caramel sauce and ice cream to them.  yum.
(tradition cookies)
The kids had fondue.
Merry Christmas everyone!
PS - I can't wait to show you the cool gifts I received!

Cindy Bee


  1. Your catching up! The hat looks fun. I think you should teach a class, you would be great at it.

  2. I love the hiding of the little trolls! What a neat tradition! :)

    All of your food looks so good. Everyone sure was having fun!

  3. Whoa, the trolls' hair looks like mine in the morning!
    Jane x

  4. your family always looks like they are having so much fun.....Lucky guts

  5. What great family traditions you have; and the hiding of the trolls? FUN!

  6. I LOVE the Trolls! That's just sooo.... awesomely mean!!! LOL

  7. Does the Rasta hat come with Rasta hair??
    Good for you making your gifts. Very nice.

    AGain looks like a lovely time with family.

  8. Cindy, Those little troll dolls reminded me of a thing my daughters and I used to do. It was a picture of someone ..we would put it anyone's luggage.That guy has been to college, in christmas gifts, on honeymoons, to the name it. Only our family would laugh about it...well you know. Love the hats...too funny about dad embarrassing the daughter.xo,Susie


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