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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chrsitmas Eve

I'm still getting caught up from not having a computer the entire month of December.  And on that last post, I was busy, but not overly busy.  I actually had a relaxing December.  If I weren't playing catch up, that last post would have been a few days worth of posts.

So here we are up to Christmas Eve.  I always make Slush Punch Freeze, but I decided this year to make another punch.  Slush Punch Freeze is....slushy....and I decided it would be a better summer time drink.  So, Mom calls..."Your Dad wants to know if you made punch." 
"Yes, I did."
"Good, he's been in the mood for it."
"ooooh you mean the Slushy punch?  I didn't make that. I tried something different."
Disappointed voice...."ooooooh"
You just cannot stray from tradition with this family.
 Oh well, doesn't the punch ring look pretty!
So, my Shug and I have had Christmas eve at our house for the last several years.  
My parents started having a Christmas Eve gathering when all of us kids (their children) were single (again-sigh).  We have kept up that tradition, only we welcome others to join in now.  And when this house we are building is finished, I'm having a BIG Christmas Eve gathering!  Everyone will be invited.  Prepare to attend!

I bought the above punch bowl at a garage sale last summer and wanted to use it,
 but the new recipe I tried was too big, so I had to use the only punch bowl I could find.  The one my Shug and I used at our wedding.  HUGE! 
 I love the way this old-fashioned candy looks, but I don't like the way it tastes!  I buy it every year though! 
 It's so pretty in a bowl on the table. 

 So earlier in the day my sister sent me a text....her Father in Law is joining us.  "Great" I said.  He must have enjoyed himself last year to come join us again.
" gotta get up and go get another chair out of storage."  (see Shug in the chair behind the table relaxing)

 Then a few minutes later I got another text, that I didn't see.   And when I didn't reply after about 20 minutes, my sister called me.
Cindy, "did you get my text?"
"Stacy and her girls are coming too".
"Sister!!!....ok, but...did you forget we are living in one room in a basement."
"eeehhhh, there's still room at the Inn."
"Okay, but can you bring a card table?  My card table is still at the other house and there is no way we can fit 13 people around this table...."
"I'll bring a table," she says.
 " gotta go get three more chairs out of storage."
I called Vickie, my cousin.  She mentioned the day before that she didn't have any plans Christmas eve day and they might be able to come over early and help. They did!

 We used every surface space we could find in our basement room.

The baker's rack...
We took the computers off of the computer table and put them in another room.  I covered that table with a Christmas table cloth....
We brought a lab table downstairs that my husband bought at a school auction, covered it with a pretty table cloth...
and we chatted...

and ate...
and drank...
and celebrated birthdays.
My niece was born on Christmas Eve, ten years ago.
and so was her friend!  (I think their Moms met online, through some Mom chat room kind of site and they found out later that their daughters were born on the same day)

This is a purse that she wanted.
Told ya!  A purse!
I give my niece a NOEL ornament for her birthday every year because it's her middle name!  But this year I gave her a banner that I made.

And I gave her, her favorite kind of pajamas.  Her size seven finally wore out....after six years.
I love telling this story.  She was spending the night with my Shug and I when she was four years old.  She HAD to have some footy pjs.  It was so cold out, so my Shug drove.  My niece was in the car seat, so my Shug would pull up in front of a store, I would run inside and try to find her a pair. We went to store after store. Finally....I found a pair, but size 7, and she was four, but I was desperate.  When I got in the car I told her I found some but they'd probably be too big.  She very dramatically said, "This is the best day of my life!" 

OK enough Auntie blogging....
time for games.
We always play games on Christmas Eve, and this is one my Sister had us do.  We had to take a paper plate and put it on our heads and draw what she told us to draw.  Christmas tree....fireplace...stockings...etc.  You get points for things like the best tree, if your stockings are actually on the fireplace, etc.

It was funny watching everyone draw on their heads!
And the prizes are badly wrapped old garage sale items that might, or might not, be something you want.  However, most of those bags contained a lotto ticket too!

We even turned the stove into a table top.  I had my Shug cut a piece of wood and I covered it with a Christmas linen.  I collect linens and actually use them.  I had two punches. One was for the adults only.  The other was a mix of cranberry juice and 7-up and it was for the kids.  And I got to use my Tom & Jerry punch bowl after all!  (Did I tell you my parents names are Tom and Gerry? )

It's all fun and games until someone spills a drink on your tablecloth!  Jeeeeshhh, who invited her?!?!!!

Dixie had a rough night with all of these people!  Good thing his Aunt Vickie was there to hold him.

 Merry Christmas everyone!

Cindy Bee

PS - I have to mention the KIDS packed up their games they were playing and took them into the bathroom and played.  The only other room we had.  Why?  The ADULTS were too noisy!!!!!    


  1. WOW I am tired after enjoying this party I may have had a little too much punch out of that cool punch bowl.
    I love your family traditions and now all packed up into a nice little basement apartment it appears to me much more intimate:) I love that, hope the kids had fun in the bathroom:) Loud adults go figure probably the punch:) hug B

    1. I'm tired too Buttons! And YOU are making me more tired with your cow stories!!!

      Cindy Bee

  2. Looks like a wonderful time for everyone!Hugs,Jen

    1. We did have a wonderful time.

      Cindy Bee

  3. Replies
    1. I'll get on it, I promise.

      Cindy Bee

  4. This looks like a wonderful time! I haven't had a family Christmas since I was 10 and still miss it!

    1. Then HAVE ONE! Make it happen.

      Cindy Bee

    2. I'd love to but much of my family no longer celebrates Christmas. =(

  5. Wow what a good party, fun, fun and more fun. Drawing on the heads is hysterical! (how much liquor is involved? - haha)

    good times!


    1. Liquor...what liquor? Maybe a little. But seriously, no one had too much to drink. And it was hysterical.

      Cindy Bee

  6. That punch looks sooo good! I have never made a punch in my life, but I think to try one.
    What a great Christmas, I wish we had a big family, I'll have to tell my daughter to get busy on that :)

    1. Marilyn,

      I always say, if you don't have family, invite people in to BE family. Sometimes friends can be closer than family. It's all good. Punch is fun to make. You don't have to stand at the bar making drinks all evening long...not that we have a bar, and you get to use a pretty bowl. I'll post a couple of recipes.

      Cindy Bee

  7. Oh what fun!! And funny about the kids playing in the bathroom. Our grands are so noisy the adults should hide in the bathrooms to talk. lol.

    1. That is usually the case with us Brenda. It's usually the kids, not the adults! Maybe we are all getting to the age where we are turning in to the kids! They say it happens.

      Cindy Bee

  8. Looks and sounds like the best Christmas ever!!!


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