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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blogging Mojo, Dumbkoff Computer, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

I hate it when this happens.....I've lost my blogging mojo. 
I lost it a couple of months ago when my old computer went kaput.  
I know two German words...and I really don't know that they are German, but my Pa said they were when we were growing up.  One is kaput and one is dumpkoff.  I doubt I spelled them right and they probably need some of these ' apostophre' things somewhere....but anyway, the point is....I lost my mojo.  And here's the thing....I thought it was the new computer that I don't love like I loved my Roofus.   See this post.
One reason..for example....why in thee hell does the text get bigger and smaller when I don't do anything to make it bigger and smaller?  It just happens.  You can't see the difference on the blog, it's the way it is viewed when I'm typing.  I'll be typing along and vrrrrooom - text is HUGE or really really ticks me off.  Dumbkoff computer.  Hey I think I just came up with my computer's new name!!!!

Speaking of Pa - we celebrated his birthday the other day.  77 Years Young my Pa is...His name is Charles Thomas...but depending on where you know him from, well that determines what you call him.  People that he used to work with call him Tom or Charlie....his immediate family from growing up call him time some sales guy called him Chuck and I just laughed.  Stupid sales guy.  No one has EVER called my Pa, Chuck.  (dumbkoff)  Anyway, people usually get their own birthday post on my blog....but I am forever getting caught up.
 Here is the second reason I've lost my blogging mojo.  I have no schedule in my life.  NONE.  Used to be....I'd get up in the morning, say Good-Bye to my Shug, fix my coffee, get on my computer.  Then do things around the house or whatever was planned for the day.  Now I get up and move stuff.....every day.
Move move move move move.....

Then find a place to put things....CONSTANTLY.  I'm tired of it.  
At night I have no patience to screw around with this new computer.  So I don't.  I lay in bed reading blogs on my phone. But starting tomorrow, I'm going to try to get a routine going again.  I get so much more done with a routine.

 The one thing about moving is you find things you forgot you had....

Like this cake stand.
I also found a jar of apple walnut delight.  yum.
I put it on some oatmeal for breakfast today.  You'd pay a lot of money for this at Starbucks.

The other thing about moving....
You realize you have too much stuff. Not that I didn't know this before, but I have also changed my style a bit too.   So, I'm going to get rid of some stuff.  

I am going to have a booth, with another Granny Bee, at the Winter Woolen Workshop.  If you look at the last few years, you'll see this is something I am a part of every year.  But I've never had a booth. It's held at two mansions in Kokomo, IN, and people come from all over to attend.  It's always held in February, and this year it is on the 23rd and 24th.  There is a $10.00 fee to get in, which covers both days, and that money goes to the Historical Society.
 I've decided to try a couple of markets this year too, if I can find a couple that will have me.  I have linens, picture frames, old suitcases, tea cups, saucers, etc.

One last thing.... 
Groovy Girl Yarn.  
She is having a super bowl party and SALE this Saturday.  
See her blog (on my side bar) for times and such.  There will be munchies.....and yarn....need there be more!
And I am teaching a basic crochet class on Thursday, February 7th from 1:00 - 3:00.  So, if you want to learn to crochet, sign up, pay up, and show up!
I've been crocheting a dishcloth and a flower (above) once a week.  Just one.  Usually on a Sunday.  By the end of the year I should have a nice supply of dishcloths and maybe a few stashed away for gifts.  I'm not doing anything special...just a double crochet or a garter stitch.  Quick and easy and ready to use.  
The pattern....just random.  I am going to hook them all together at the end of the year for a table runner...or two....or three!

OK I'm done rambling, except for one more last new computer...does NOT fit in my old weathered leather satchel.   Dumbkoff computer!

Cindy Bee


  1. Happy Birthday Pa I hope I can call you PA my Gramma used to say Dumpkuff too:)
    Wished I thingy and the oatmeal:) Hug Blived closer for the craft

  2. Wow my computer seems to have a little problem too or it is probably me.
    Anyways I meant to say I wished I lived closer for the craft thingy and the oatmeal.:) Hugs B

    1. Buttons....I was cracking up reading your comment. I was wondering wth is she trying to say! I wish you lived closer too...I'd teach you to crochet and share my oatmeal!


  3. I love krankenwagon....ambulance!
    When we moved here I got all in a dither until I got into new routine.It'll come dumbkopf computer or no.
    Jane x
    PS I'll tell you a 'spread the nice' will be revealed on my cats' blog. We are going to buy as much as we can (over a year)the items on an animal shelters wishlist.That should spread some nice to quite a few homeless furries.

    1. Jane! Thank you so much! I'm excited about your "spread the nice" idea. I'm still going to post about them...just running a tad behind as you can tell. Wait till you see what I did today...trying to move stuff. I take one step forward and six back. Maybe I should remove the English/American dictionary(to the right) and post German/AMerican!

  4. Oh my, your bloggy Mojo will come back soon. Sometimes we just need a break. I took a rather long one with hardly a post a week. Well I guess I am not back full force but I do post more than once a week now. The flowers will look so pretty all crocheted together. What yarn are you using? Some of the colors look like the yarn I used in my ripple pillow. Happy birthday to your dad, I think he and my dad turned the same age this year.

    1. Brenda,
      I'm using peaches and cream or something like that. The only reason I'm using that is because I have a ton of it. I wouldn't use that if I didn't have so much of it though because it doesn't wash up very well. I would have bought either Weekend yarn or Fantasy Naturale...they both are washable and lovely cotton blends.


  5. Cindy, My daughters say I changed when I moved out here on this farm lot. I know when we moved , in town I had a place for everything and knew where it was. Out here I just pile and pile at times till I could scream then I sort. It's depressing. I rarely paint any more. Well I mean watercolors..I still paint houses. I hope you get your mojo back soon. Computer problems do not help our moods either. xoxo,Susie

    1. Susie---One word. PAINT! I mean it. Get the paints out and PAINT.


  6. Cindy Bee,

    First of all let me say, seasons - we all have them luv. Your mojo will come back. Ask Stella where she found her groove.

    Now, on another note, in the image above, the one with linens things, and there is one that is embroidered with little people on it - wow, that is gorgeous - it's folk art, you know.... My sort of world.

    What's the chances of you taking a bigger photo of that and putting it in a post??
    Pretty please?????

    I think you having a booth is a perfect idea - you must have SO much stuff by now, you could keep going for a while.


    1. Fi,
      Didn't Stella find her groove someplace tropical? I'm thinking she did! I'm thinking I NEED tropical.

      The linen thing is not embroidered. It's just the material. But yes, I will take pics and post them. I tried to find other folk arty stuff, but you know...I wouldn't know folk art if it bit me in the you know what. AND
      You are right...I have tons of stuff and a lot of it is boxed up. But I have decided, especially after today, I am getting rid of it. If it's not my's outta here. I have enough to do markets and sales all year.

      Cindy Bee

  7. Happy Birthday from Montana, Tom!

    And Cindy - thats becoming a little a horror movie - "the perpetual move..."

  8. BTW I knew what buttons was trying to say... my "im the second generation off the boat" phrase is ~

    "you talk like a sausage"...


  9. That's kaputt and dummkopf (literally translated means silly head)! Lots of German words have made it into the English language. Angst and Kindergarten are two other examples, but I bet American English has a lot more because a lot of Germans emigrated there after the war ... not so many went to Britain.

    Hope you find your mojo and a place for everything soon. Moving can be quite dispiriting - try to plan some fun stuff to do amidst all the unpacking.


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