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Monday, January 7, 2013

I removed the last post.  I didn't post it to be bragging about what I do, or have others brag about the nice things they do.  I just wanted acts of kindness to catch on, the way mean ones do.  Rather than stir up controversy, I deleted the post. 

Cindy Bee


  1. Apparently, I missed a post. But it sounds like you posted about doing nice things. Cindy...if someone has a problem with it...that is THEIR problem! I say...bring it back! We need all the kindness in the world we can get! *HUGS*

  2. Hey Kiddo- I saw it and can still see it in google reader, by the way. Hate to say it, but I knew just where you were coming from a good thing, but I saw what was coming too, I know the players. And that is why I really just got on with my life. Glad to hear you had a great anniversary weekend. Can you believe it, still no snow in chi-town.

  3. Oh I must have missed something I thought it was a great idea. Don't take all comments to seriously everyone has a different opinion but we who know you know what you meant at least I did. HUGS B

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Umm....yeah.....I missed it too. And I love me a good discussion!

    If yous guys were talking about doing good things for people you don't know then I say............. bravo to anyone who does that....

    Peace out yo!

  6. Too many trolls with too little to occupy their time. I thought it was brilliant....
    obviously I'm not the only one!!
    Jane xxx

    1. Just as a PS...your post wasn't about was about inspiring others to spread some nice.
      Jane x

  7. Apparently I missed something here and I'm so going to shake my finger at you! What if I had deleted my political rant post, hmmm?

    You do the best you can with what you have (and I know you do) and don't let the negativity pull you down!

  8. Blogettes, Cindy has a wonderful idea about doing nice things and talking about it and flooding our blogs and communities with nice things instead of all the bad news we hear all of the time...I wanted her to know that I would do this privately, anonymously because I happen to have people in my life who CAN'T do anything nice unless they get public credit for doing it... or they make it into a competition...I call that the "Girl Scout Syndrom" People who need other people to see their badges on their sashes... But My Cindy Bee and most all of you are NOT that type of people... and I'm so sorry if that's how that sounded... I would NEVER, EVER, EVER, Hurt My Cindy Bee on purpose, Ever... and I'm so sorry to all or any of you who took what I wrote as an attack or that I didn't think it was a Great idea... Because I'm doing it...

  9. Mannn, I missed it!!!
    I will assume it had something to do with an act of kindness which should always, ALWAYS be paid forward.
    So, in honor of whatever you did and said and errased I will either
    1. Not do or say something snarky,
    2. Do something nice for someone else today because of you :)

  10. You shouldn't have deleted it. I think all of us in Blogland understand acts of kindness and know it is not bragging. I missed your post, but for what ever it was that you is a hug and pat on the back. I think it is encouraging and uplifting to read these kinds of posts. It encourages us all to take a step to do the same thing.

  11. I thought it was a thought producing post. It made me start thinking.

  12. OK I'm going to repost it....with explanations. Give me some time. Just got a new computer and am learning how to use the thing. Very different. Keep thinking peeps. We are going to be nice dammittohell!

    Cindy Bee


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