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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One big honkin' post to get caught up!

Ok so I just downloaded a ton of pics....Tell you what....I'm not even going to go into all the reasons why I haven't been blogging much.  One word...Windows 8...ok one word and one number....  That's all I'm going to say about that.  So instead of messing around trying to get little posts done here and there, I am going to get caught up in one big honkin' post!

Here we go....go grab a cup of tea...or wine...or coffee...

So, a couple of days before Christmas I am laying in bed, and as usual, I am reading facebook or blogs on my I-phone (which is the easiest thing in the world to use btw)  And I see a post from Nicki at The Vintage Farmhouse on facebook.(she's on my sidebar and does a lot of fun stuff on facebook)

It said something like...".I'm so excited...but I can't say why yet.  I'm getting 88 of something but I don't want to say what until they are in my truck."  So I said, "I want one!"
She sent me a text and said how do you know you want one you don't even know what they are?  I told her I was just being funny...cracking myself up.  Then I said, "tell me what they are, you know you want to tell someone."  She told me, and I did want one!
 So I asked a couple of people to go with me and Notaro (Granny Bee) said she'd go.  Remember this was a couple of days before Christmas!  In a town about an hour away. A busy time.  But we went.

 I came home with four!  Three ladies and a man!  Funny.  I don't even have a business....
 But I've wanted one, (dress form, not business)and I'm thinking about setting up at a few markets this year to sell some vintage stuff I have.  We'll talk about that later.  Beth and I also did some shopping in the quaint town of Zionsville.  It was a fun day.

 I forgot to show you this little and simple crafty thing I did.  I took a gingerbread hole punch that I bought for half price at Hobby Lobby, and punched out some gingerbread out of grocery sacks.  Then I glued them to this bakers twine, and hung them on the bakers rack.  It's so cute I still haven't taken it down.



 But I did take down all of my Christmas decorations.  I just love looking at them. Can you tell? probably don't remember this...but I told you we had a winter storm after Christmas and it made our driveway very slick.  I think I even told you about my Shug almost hitting a tree. But at the time I didn't have a computer so I couldn't download pics.  Well, here you are.  This is looking out our basement window.
  I tried to get a picture of how our driveway is...See the tire tracks.  See the walkout wall...well we are living in a room in the basement and the wall is right by where we park our cars.  The tire tracks show how we drive from the walkout wall, and make a "U" turn.
My Shug didn't do the "U"

 He tried...but his truck is not very good in this weather.
 He came within several inches of hitting this tree....whew!

 On New Years eve we went out with my cousin Vickie and her husband Robert.  We went to a casino not far from my Sister's house for about an hour and they had this poor tiger in a cage.  It really angered me.  Really people?  Can't you just get a dog.
 Then we went to my Sister and her husband's house to celebrate NYE.  It was a fun party.We played games, ate food and drank a little bit.  I noticed that the people who attended the party last year, were being extra cautious this year!  No french martinis!

 Last week...yup, we are up to last week already.  My Mom and Dad and Sister and I went to the Hilbert Circle Theatre to Happy Hour and a concert.  The band was Time for Three.  We've gone the last two years.  I think this third time will be my last.

 It was way too crowded.  And they usually have a lot of food and drink booths, but this time they only had about four food booths, so the lines were really long.  
We ate what food we did get on the window ledge upstairs....

enjoying this view of the circle in Indianapolis.
These ladies were standing by us and my sister said they are us in a few years!  We decided even though I'm the one always taking pictures, that in this picture, I was the lady with the drinks, because it was really her camera.  Just a silly thing we do.


 And one day last week I went to court.  Not for me, I went to support my cousin in a stupid case that shouldn't even have made it to the judge.  No criminals know...the  But I tell you that to show you the HOT PINK SOCKS I wore to court.  No one knew.  Not even Vickie! (my cousin!)  I looked all sophisticated on the outside....{sigh}  I remember the days when I wore other Hot under-clothes and they weren't socks.  I know I know...TMI!

Then there was the day I was in town and passed a house getting new windows.   I called my Shug.  I said, "SHUG PLEASE go get these windows for me."  He said, "no we have too much shit at home...blah blah blah..."  He loves me :-)  He got them.  I have a potting shed made out of windows like this for the greenhouse part, and I told him I'd never move unless I get a new potting shed like the old one. 

And one day last week I ran Groovy Girl Yarn Store (See side bar) while she was at the hospital with her daughter who was having a baby.  And one of the regulars came in with her finished Christmas tree skirt!  Gorgeous!
I've started another Lucy bag made with Weekend yarn.  Why am I making another one?  Winter Woolen Workshop is coming up.  We'll talk more about that later too.  I might have a booth there if there is still room.  Summer is coming.  I might need a beach bag.  (or a pond bag since we don't really have a lake...or a beach) 
And lastly...and I haven't been taking pictures because I keep forgetting....but I am working my hiney off trying to get the other house cleaned out by the end of January.  It was one of my January goals...and with Marilyn's help, I think I'm going to do it!

Sooo....I think I'm about as caught up as I'm going to be.  Sorry it's so long.  I'm anal like this...trying to record everything.
Gonna go to bed now...with my phone...see ya on facebook or your blog.

Cindy Bee


  1. Sleep sweet! Looks like you've had a grandly busy time of it.

  2. I made it through to the end! Personally I love post with lots of pics and natter.
    As for that poor tiger,I probably would have started a protest and got arrested.
    Jane x

  3. Cindy, Love those mannequins And those windows what a lucky break . I bought 8 windows from Hortons this past spring...I want a place to play in too. You sure had a busy Christmas season. I know there was a fun time or two in there, cause you always make to most of life , it seems. xoxo,Susie

  4. Busy Bee! I would have wanted the windows also. My hubs built my potting shed in town with old windows from our house. They were the swing in kind that was on a little sun room that had been torn off years before. I miss that shed and the china cupboard that he built me for the breakfast nook wall....Hated to leave them behind. The bag is going to be really pretty and the Christmas tree is divine.

  5. love your shiny shiny did i say shiny christmas baubles - dang you got craploads as they say LOL but I like 'em shiny too...

    I lol'd at the picture of the older ladies...and the french martini story LOL...never a dull moment for that Cindy Bee lady, no sirree...


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