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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let's score a ten on the nice scale....

Good grief what drama!  Since all of you seemed to agree about the 'nice' post, I'm re-posting it. 
That isn't the only reason I'm re-posting it though.  Here are the other reasons....The comment that hurt my itty-bitty feelers was posted by my friend, The Granny Bee a.k.a. Notaro!  And before you go gangsta on her....she called me and we talked about it.  She did not mean to hurt my feelings at all, and the comment that I took personal wasn't directed at me.  I think she understands now why I took it personal and I understand what she meant to say.  Here's the thing that I have found with e-mail, comments, and whatever other form of communication we use, that really isn't communicating at can be taken the wrong way.  When we actually take the time to TALK to someone, things get worked out!
Also, as I was talking to my cousin, Vickie, and I told her about my canned goods idea, she said something like, "that's a great idea, I'm going to do that."  So see, telling each other about this idea does help.   So hopefully all of you haven't lost your nice mojo....because here is the post.....


I thought I better let you know that we made it out and back home safely on New Year's Eve.  And we had a nice time.  I followed my last year resolution of  No More French Martini's and woke up feeling great! 

I wanted to share something with all of you, and see what you think....Since I haven't been blogging (my  new computer should be here tomorrow-so I'll be back at it)  I've had more time to think (and crochet!) and watch the news.  I saw where people are doing 24 nice things for the Sandyhook school children that were murdered.  And then I was thinking about how mean, mean/mental people can be.  I also thought about this post.  I was thinking...on a meanness scale of 1 - 10, most mean people score right up there in the ten plus area on the scale.  They don't play around with the smaller numbers on the scale.  They want their meanness known.

And then I started thinking about all of the nice things that happen during December, because people are in a more giving mood.  Almost everyone scores a two or three on the nice scale in December.  But after December, the nice scale drops way down, and the mean scale just keeps right on up there in the ten plus area.

The thing is....I know more nice people than I do mean people.  I don't think I know any mean people. I just know of their actions.  Why?  Because they are a 10 on the mean scale, and it gets attention.  I do think my niece scored a ten on the nice scale when she had her friends bring donations for the humane society instead of bringing her gifts for her birthday party....see this post if you missed it.  For a ten year old, that's a ten on the scale!  (I don't see how you missed it because it's all I talked about the entire week long.  And right now I hear Reality Jayne saying...."come on Cindy Bee, get to the point!"  One time at a meeting when someone was droning on she said...out loud...."jeeesh already, skip the labor story and deliver the baby!")

So here's what I think us nice people should do. 
Pick something nice...anything....and do it all year
And I know you are supposed to do your good deeds in private, but I want us bloggers to blog about this.  I want nice to spread as much as mean does. 
And we need to share our nice ideas.  Seriously, sometimes it's hard to come up with a SIMPLE nice idea! 
If we keep it simple, convenient, and part of our routine, we are more apt to do it.

*put the idea on your blog  
*put your committment on YOUR side bar of your blog. 
*And I want you to tell me your idea because I'm going to do a post on it in a few days.  (I'm really serious about this nice thing)

You don't have to have be a blogger to do this by the way.....just do it, and tell me about it so I can post your idea. 

Here's the thing....if all of us nice people keep up the nice all year'll become a ten!    And a ten on the nice scale feels good!  When my niece finished the animal shelter donation she asked her parents, "that was fun, what can I do now?"

So tell me, what nice thing you can do this year.  I'll start....Here is what I've been doing. 
Every time I buy groceries, I have been buying $5.00 extra in canned goods and donating them to a food pantry.  It's $5 bucks....a latte'...a meal at a fast food place....a trinket that sits around and collects dust....It doesn't involve much time because time is what I'm short on right now.  It involves $5.00.

Think about it....What nice thing can you do all year long?

Cindy Bee


  1. Hi, Jane here...I just found you via John Grey's blog. I think this is a brilliant idea.
    I have to think what I can do...
    Jane xx

    1. ooh,ooh,ooh....I have an idea forming.
      Jane x

  2. I agree with Jane and Chris's comment brilliant idea this is going to be fun. I am thinking as I type. That is truly why I love you:) Hugs B

  3. Hi Cindy, I agree that hearing everyone's ideas, may be a great way for us to think, "I can do that". Just like with your can goods. That is a great idea!
    The problem that I have is that I don't feel comfortable talking about my acts of kindness. Although; I could maybe post one idea . . . in my side bar. I'll have to give it some thought. I have a member in my family that has this habit of telling you every little thing that she does, over and over and over, and I do not want to turn into her.
    I also know what you are saying about the "Mean People News" I guess that is what sells papers. It is also the reason that we don't take your local paper or listen to the daily news. It might be wrong to not want to know what is going on around you, but when all they report on is the bad stuff, sorry I don't want that stuff muddying up my mind all the time.
    I am excited that you are taking this stand to promote acts of kindness . . . you have a big heart and I am proud to call you my friend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Cindy Bee, I think it's a Great idea too! But I agree with Connie... I don't want people to know what I've done, so I'll just post some ideas and no, I don't want a badge to wear on my sash... I'll just post some ideas and share what I know others have done...

  5. I have to put in my two cents! I'm Cindy's sister and work at the Trustee's office in Noblesville. Twice she has donated to our food pantry now, her good deed. Now our food pantry is bare and every little bit we get is appreciated. I work EVERYDAY with people who donate to our office especially at Christmas. We have a facebook page that we constantly thank people on. There is a difference between bragging and letting people know what you did. Trust me I KNOW. My daughter got the idea to donate to the Humane Society because her friend did last year. She wasn't bragging and it turned into an idea for my daughter. I was going to post on Facebook what my sister did because maybe one person would see and do it and our food pantry might benefit. I just saw a kid on the news in another state, in high school who started sending people in his high school positive comments and it has caught on. It's all in how you say it and present yourself. People come in our office all the time and will say my friend said your pantry needs toilet paper, food, etc....and they donate. If it wasn't for that friend we wouldn't get the extra. So don't look at as bragging. Look at as trying to do something positive, trying to influence other people to do something, or trying to make society a better place to be.

    1. Thanks Sister! I hope it catches on.

  6. Cindy, When I was young...a guardian angel came into my life. She took me to church, she bought some clothes to wear to church, she helped me to go to church camp. I have always felt the need to help another little girl in this angel's name. So I try to make donations to charities when I can. I like to write cards and I have sent encouraging words to a friend's daughter via cards and letters, and a Christmas gift. It helped. That was not much, but that was all it took .xoxo,Susie

  7. first i need to find some people out here... LOL can doing good deeds outside in nature work?

    I think it is a marvelous idea and your Sister is right on target..For christmas for the last 2 years here, i have made up christmas goodie bags (good jam, pretty paper napkins, candies, a pretty ornament from tj maxx that i collect throughout the year) and handed them out to the I am invited in and by the time we got home this year we were stuffed with good food and loaded with hot toddies LOL I didnt expect anything in return, but after the fires this year just to have a little something special at christmas really brings us all together...although my neighborhood is a 15 mile circle with only 6 families in it total lol Cindy, i think you are the wisest bee of them all ! xxx

  8. I stole a parking place yesterday..... :)

  9. Thank you Feral Woman. And what a nice idea.

    ANd RJ - Where and how do you steal a parking place?


  10. I've decided on my 'spread the nice' challenge.I'll post about it (or actually my cats on their blog will!)in early Spring. I've already begun.
    Jane xx

  11. I'm in, and oddly enough...the one thing we resolved on as a family for this year was to commit one random act of kindness a week.

    So far we have: helped the neighbour's child when she was locked out of her house after getting out of school early. Donated used eye glasses to an organisation which shares them with folks who need them. Bought gas for a neighbour who needed it to get back and forth to a new job. I'm currently working on turning an old (pink) sweater into mittens and a cap for a neighbour's daughter...with this weather she needs them!

  12. I'm new here. I just found you via Gowestferalwoman's Blog. I think this is an awesome idea. You are so right about mean people and I think sharing the good we do isn't bragging, it's inspiring. Sometimes people WANT to do something good, they just don't know what or how. Your wanting to post the various good deeds others have done or are doing may be the inspiration some need to give them an idea, or to find that "something" that works for them, so they CAN do good too. After all, doing good for others makes us feel better about ourselves. Why not share our goodness? What is it they say, "it's better to give than to receive"? I believe. When you give you get.

    I'm brandy new to the "blog scene", but from what I can make of it thus far, it's about sharing our "story". Our experiences, ideas, feelings, photographs, events, work, hobbies, passions and our lives in general, in an online journal/scrapbook and swap-meet of sorts, chuck full of ideas and things that touch us, with an added support group and judges panel... rolled into this one thing called a "blog", that allows us to escape our life at will, for a look into the lives of others. Connie expressed her lack of interest in the news and local paper because of all the stories of the bad going on around us, so sharing the good and unsolicited acts of kindness we do to improve the world around us in even the most insignificant way, improves THE world. And that's a good thing. So too I believe, is sharing ideas and stories of the good things we want, can or are doing to make this world a better place whether it be for one person, one animal, one species, one community, whatever! I think it would be good to share any random acts of kindness, we personally, may be fortunate enough to receive or have received, too.

    I am so glad I read your post and that you suggested using your blog as a forum for SHARING different ways and things we do to payi it forward! I can't think of a better way to start the New Year! (I know it's almost Feb., what can I say- time management has never been my strong point) I hope everyone here will post their contributions without feeling like their bragging. It will serve as a place to come when we feel like the world around us is full of evil & turning to shit, to remind ourselves that there is still A LOT of good out there. Bravo Cindy Bee! It's been a pleasure to meet your blog! Thank you - I'll be sure to share the sunshine I give or receive! - Lia

  13. Just got here via Maple Syrup Mob Jane. My 'nice' for this year is to use up my Great Stash of spare wool, and knit something DIFFERENT for charity every month. Thus far; January;blanket for an African leprosy sufferer
    February ; woolly hats for the Sailors Society
    March; dog coats for Battersea Dogs Home
    April will be vests for orphanage in Africa
    other projects to follow...

    sharing the sunshine with you! blessings xx

  14. I've come over from Jane's blog and I also want to do this! Great idea!! I've decided that mine is to donate each month to a thrift shop that helps battered women and children. I read a lot and will donate my books and any other items I down size from my home! This thrift is in the town my daughter's family lives in and I go visit at least twice a month. Thanks for the great inspiration!
    hugs, Linda

  15. I popped by from Jane and Chris' blog as she has posted about what she has done and it is a lovely idea. I am now your newest follower as well.

    Gill in Canada


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