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Thursday, April 1, 2010


For several years now I've had a "Martha" kind of Easter. Lot's of family, good food, pretty table settings, and an Easter egg hunt for everyone. It's a lot of fun watching adults hunt for Easter eggs! One of my cousins, either Vickie, or her daughter Ashley, spend the weekend helping me get ready. Last year my sister popped by to help out too. Anyway, I thought I'd post some pics of past Easters for you.

We try to squeeze everyone in the same room for dinner. It's not always easy and we've spent hours moving the tables around to squeeze in an extra chair or two. Sometimes the kids get their own table and chairs in the other room if there isn't enough room for everyone to be together. They love it of course.

Yummy chocolate cake (made from scratch) with chocolate chips in the center and peeps around the edge, made to look like a sunflower.

Sometimes I grow rye or wheat grass in pots or baskets for Easter grass.

My nieces made Easter egg garland last year. I cut out the eggs from construction paper, they decorated all of them and then we strung them across the windows. The extras were put on the mirror. I even decorated a few. It's fun to play with crayons!

Very tiny terra cotta pots that I painted.

Easter egg tree. I forced forsythia branches to bloom early by putting them in water and bringing them inside where it's warm. The eggs were made about ten years ago by me and my cousin, Ashley. We blew them out (laughing hysterically when one would crush in our hands), colored them, then varnished them and hung them with ribbons. I also added a few needle felted eggs over the years.

Happy Easter everyone. And remember, there is a reason for that season too.


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  1. looks like you've had a wonderful celebration!

    hugs xxx



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