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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

The Easter Bunnies came over to hide the eggs. (my parents)

No-Bake cookies made to look like bird nests. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. Very quick and simple to make.

The table setting.

Isn't this cute? I found 8 of these crocheted flower pots at an Estate Sale for $3.00. My Mother-in-Law said she thinks she could make me some more! WOOHOO!

After dinner we went on an Easter egg hunt.

Dylan is ready to go again! Look at all those eggs!

I found so many eggs I had to use my top to hold them all!

Time to sit on the patio to visit and relax.
I hope everyone had a nice Easter.


  1. What a lovely Easter!! I love all your photos Cindy - so much colour and yummy-ness. The table setting looks great!

  2. Thanks Melissa. Spring is my favorite season and I love adding a lot of color to our table setting for Easter.


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