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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taking a break!

What a crazy, busy week I've had. First off, I'm a beekeeper, Coordinator of our local Community Garden, and a childcare provider for two boys I've watched since they were 3 & 5. And everything seems to be happening NOW! My week started on Saturday really...I actually made it to the Farmer's Market, even though I should have been home preparing for the 20 people coming over the next day for Easter. But I'm trying very hard to support local people, and it was opening day at our Farmer's Market. Plus a friend of mine was giving a talk on raising chickens.
Who knew you could raise chickens in town? You can in our town, but you need to check with your local board of health. Don't worry Mom, I'm not going to start raising chickens in the back yard.......yet.

I did purchase some raw milk (makes yummy latte's!), home grown popcorn, noodles, and cheese. Speaking of latte's, which are one of my weaknesses, I have saved $20-25 dollars a week by making my own! I've been doing that for a month now. (I went and bought some new clothes!)
After Easter, one niece stayed with us, and we went to Hilltop Farm. That's what we call our land, and we're very lucky it's only about 20 minutes away.

Why do children have to get as close to the waters edge as possible? And climb up the biggest tree? I'm sure the ladder for the deer stand seemed like an invitation to climb.

So Monday, I had two boys and one girl. Ages 7, 10, 13. Spring break week for all of them. I will not go into details, but did you know it's easier to take CBRD ravioli sauce out of white shirts if you spray it with vinegar immediately. I know what you're thinking...why are you feeding them Chef Boy R Dee? I'll tell you why. I had to take all of them to the grocery and they wanted it for lunch. How easy is that? I was exhausted by 5:00. And I had a dinner party to attend by 6:00. So, when my husband is dipping the green bean casserole out, at the dinner party, he holds up a lid to one of the bean cans and says, "Cindy had a bad day!" OMG I baked a can lid in the casserole!

Day two - yes, it's only Tuesday - the niece went home Monday evening, still had the boys. I had about ten Master Gardeners over that morning to make 400 newspaper pots for Earth Day. I'll show you how to make them at another time. Later that morning, I was in the other room when I heard this awful noise. Sounded kind of like a tub of marbles being knocked over. It was windy outside and the noise I heard was this.....tree limbs scraping the house.

Tuesday afternoon I had to go to an auction. I say "had" because a very dear person, who is a best friend of mine lost her Mother in December. Her, and her brother, were auctioning off the house they grew up in and all of the belongings. I cried. I was tired, emotional, and I'll never look at an estate auction the same way again. It was sad to see everything sell so cheap, and to think they worked their entire life for it all. Note to self: In the future, do not bid on huge piece of gymnasium floor from where you went to high school. Especially if it is too big to fit in the back of the truck, and you and your husband cannot lift it.

Wednesday, I had friends over for breakfast. Later, I picked up a trunk load full of seed potatoes and seeds for the Community Garden. The day was going well, except the boys were "bored to death" and "soooo disappointed"! It was storming outside and they just wanted to golf and fish. I am going to need activity ideas for 10 (soon 11) and 13 year old boys by summer or we're all going to go crazy. I found out they don't like shopping for clothes, pulling weeds, or taking a walk in the neighborhood. I think one of them might have even used the word "hate" in conjunction with "shopping for clothes!"
Thursday we met with our architect and that went ok. Or maybe it was just a waste of time, I haven't decided yet.
I need some R&R so I'm taking some personal time off starting today! I can't decide. Sand and sea colors, or bright colors.

Here's my thinking...I want to learn granny squares. I have a book and yarn and some crochet hooks! So sand and sea for a granny square afghan, and the bright colors for a knitted triangular shawl. What do you think?

Some reading material in case I get tired of crocheting and knitting.

I got this when I took the boys to the bookstore. I'm saving it, so I can savour every page, and read it when I have some uninterrupted time. Even though I'm dieing to open it and start drooling!

I did finish this sand and sea colored scarf last week, very long scarf, which was a work in progress for a couple of years.

So anyway, after this week, I'm taking a break for awhile. I'll return on Monday, the 19th with more blogging. If you can give me some ideas of things to do with boys, ages 11 & 13, I'd appreciate it. I'll even put all of your names in a hat, a pretty gardening hat, and send one lucky commenter one of these! My Sister-in-Law calls them alien honey bees!

Have a great week,


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  1. Came to answer you question about getting a puppy. I have to admit it was more of chore for hubs than myself. He has an office at home and was able to do most of the house training. We did get a kennel and used it a lot the first year. That is where she slept nights until the last 3 or 4 months. Kept us from having any unexpected surprises in the morning. She does go with us a lot when the weather is nice out. It was a chore to take her out as a puppy because we got her in the winter. If I had it to do over I would get a pup in the spring/summer months. I am afraid she is not very well trained. She does not come at command very well and never stays. She jumps on everyone because she loves company and piddles on the floor when hubs brother comes. She loves him so. But we are taking it and stride and I think after a year things have gotten be pretty much a routine that includes Ladybug and her ways. I love the bees but I just cannot think of any ideas for your older boys. I had three daughter, but I now have four grandsons. The oldest is nine and we had him for a couple of days. He likes to draw, I keep plenty of art supplies for him. He likes movies and video games of course unless the weather is great then he likes to play outside.


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