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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I went to lunch with my friend Marcia today. We used to work together, so we'd talk every day. We don't work together anymore, so when we get together for lunch, we eat and talk very fast, and sometimes all at the same time! Marcia and I used to go "sailing" together. We'd usually go on our lunch hour, and one time we even went on an afternoon break! (shh, don't tell Mike!) You are probably wondering how we would have time to go "sailing" on a lunch hour, or a break. Sailing is what we would call Garage Sailing. Some call it "junking," "thrifting," rummaging," etc. We used to go years ago, when it wasn't cool to go, before the whole "green thing" or "recycling" thing caught on. So today at lunch I told Marcia I went "sailing" on Saturday. She asked what I got. Because it was one of the five conversations we had going at once, I never got a chance to tell her. So I told her to check my blog and I'd post it there! Here are some of the things I got.

Embroidered pillow case. I'm a sucker for anything embroidered.

This material. I have no idea what I will make with it, but I thought it was so pretty. I'm guessing there are about five or six yards of it, but it's kind of a heavy fabric.

This adorable garden doll! Only $3.00!

This is a cotton dish towel. It matches a teapot I have, so I had to get it. Besides being a sucker for pretty material and embroidered things, I'm also a sucker for natural fibers.

I had to get my hubby a surprise, so he got this book, and some shirts.

Did you go sailing? What'd ya get?


  1. I just popped over from Mary Jane's City Farmgirl site. Thought I would stop by for a visit of a fellow blogger. I grew up in Indiana and always like to stop into bloggers from Indiana to see if they live anywhere near my family. Also wanted to stop in to give you another blogger'b blogsite because she is a bee keeper. She just had some knee surgery so I am not sure she will be on her site yet but she is a sweety just tell her Brenda of Ladybug Dreams sent you over for a visit and to talk about bees. The site is Happy Mrs C. and here is her address:

  2. Brenda, What is your blogspot address? Cindy


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