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Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Day of Spring

First of all, I'm a little late, but Happy Spring everybody! Last Saturday, March 20, was the first day of Spring, which is my favorite season. What did you do?

I finished a scarf I had been knitting. I love the colors, it reminds me of the ocean. As you can see it's made up of four different yarns and it's a plain garter stitch, but I used big needles. Using bigger needles than what is called for is a great way to make a light-weight, airy, scarf. And putting several yarns together adds texture, and helps use up some of the stash!

Then my husband and I went to a rummage sale. First one this year and a great way to start the spring season! I got a couple of shirts, a linen table cloth, an apron, some stuffing for sewing projects, a frame thing for some kind of lace, of which the name escapes me right now, (nor do I know how to use it) and a bundle of old dishtowels that will mostly be used for rags, but there was a pretty hanky in it and this.....

Does the year 1966 mean anything to anyone? And do you want this cloth calendar? I only have one, so let me know quickly! I was thinking, if you didn't want to hang it on the wall, you could make a bag of some sort out of it. (I'm a bag lady, as well as a bee lady!) Or maybe a pillow???
I also visited with some friends at a stitchery group that I belong to called the "Granny Bees", before coming home to finish packing for a trip. We left on Sunday and just returned in the wee hours this morning.

Can you guess where I went? Remember, pictures can be deceiving!
PS - I think it's called hairpin lace...

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