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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rock & Roses

Look what my darling hubby bought me this week. And they were for no reason at all, which is really the best reason to get flowers, wouldn't you agree?

Then, when we were at Hilltop farm (which really isn't a farm at all!) he picked this up off of the ground and handed it to me. He dug it up earlier, and thought of me when he saw it. Sweet.
I know, a rock? But do you see the heart shape?
And after examining the rock, I wondered if it might have been a 'tool' of some sort that a Native-American woman used for food preparation. It has a groove in it that fits the palm of my hand just perfect, and one side is completely flat. Maybe she ground some sort of grain with it. Maybe her darling husband gave it to her for a gift. Did he give it to her to grind grain, or because it was heart shaped?
We were told "Indians" lived on our land years and years ago. We can't help but think of them when we're at the farm.
Anyway, you have to be a real nature person to enjoy getting rocks as a gift. A friend of mine gave this rock to me last summer. As the two of us walked through the park, we looked up at some clouds, and this EXACT smily face was smiling back at us, made up of clouds! Amazing.

May the Lord smile on you this weekend!



  1. Wonderful gifts Cindy :)

    I must be a real nature person.

  2. Thanks for all neat ideas!


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