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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

First Cousins Reunion

A few weeks ago one of our family members decided to have a
First Cousins Reunion.
These two hooligans are cousin-in-laws...but we drop the in law part.
We're all cousins.
OK some of the Aunts/Uncles/Moms/Dads came too!

Johnny was the cook and we were having a fish boil.
Gloria was checking the pool water...It was a little too chilly.

Vickie and Mom,
and Jamie and Uncle John decided on a game of shuffleboard.

Dad and Dave played around with a game of corn hole.

I sat around and enjoyed the scenery!  Look at the beautiful roses.

Robert helped Johnny carry in the food!

Time to eat!

Ok picture time.  And Lori has certain ideas about where we should all sit!

Ok there!  Now

Seriously!  Have we completely forgotten we are in a photo shoot.  You just sit there and don't move, and no matter what...just smile.  See the back row!  We got it!

Okay...Maybe not....

Open your eyes Johnny!
I think we've got one!

Ok, now let's add spouses....
Open your eyes Vickie...

This is never going to work, and Mom you are cutting off our heads...

No control!


Mom....the heads.....

This is so not working out.


OK Dave duck your head....maybe it'll be in the picture!

Not bad...



Ok now one with everyone...and why oh why do I never remember to bring my selfie stick.
OK get up here everyone...

Yep....this'll work.

I am so glad we don't use film in cameras anymore!!!

The day turned into evening and some of us spent the night while others started the trek back home.
We had a great time.  And we're hoping to make this a tradition.
Hopefully more of our cousins can attend next year.  We grew up playing together and really, our cousins were our first friends.  There are about 15 that did not attend.  Maybe next year!
Thank you Johnny and Lori for hosting our first, First Cousins Reunion!



  1. Oh- I used to love to go to our cousins' reunions when I lived back home in PA. No one really 'gets you' like a family member. These are all great pictures and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. xo Diana

  2. Cindy, By the time I got thru your pictures , I was laughing my butt off. You guys crack me up. Please, your poor mom can't take any more pictures. LOL Looks like it was a beautiful home with lots of fun things to do. Blessings, thanks for the honey. Love, xoxo, Susie

  3. You can't beat a family get together, love the photos.

  4. Family reunions are a lovely tradition with all the good things: food, company, fun, games, photography.
    The photos in your post are hillarious!

  5. Looks like you had a great time. The Cousins Reunion in my family will be this coming Saturday but I won't be there since I'll be gathering with my siblings in a few weeks nearby. Getting cantankerous in that I don't want to make two long trips (through Atlanta, too) so close together.

  6. Very true, our cousins are our first friends.
    Lovely that you got chance to meet up and have a photo shoot. Brilliant! Cx


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