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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Brown County - Day 2

On day two we did some shopping in the morning, had lunch, then

went to check on the bear, which had a huge crack down the front that I never noticed the day before.  I suppose that could represent honey dripping from his mouth!

Then we took off in the countryside.  I wanted to go to this very huge, fun garden center that we discovered a few years ago.
And of course, we had to detour and drive through the covered bridge in Bean Blossom.

And we found this cross again.  It's been there a few years.
We've nailed a few prayers to it in the past.  And as we drove by, we decided to turn around,
go back, and nail a few prayers to it again.  For my obvious health reasons, and a couple of family members that could use a prayer too.
The next day I FELT GREAT!  Maybe "someone" is listening to me!

And here is the garden center.  It is also a tea room.

They have several out buildings.
We bought a holly bush and a bronze fennel plant.

I went inside to use the restroom, and they sent me upstairs.  There are several rooms of stuff for sale and all these years I never knew it!

I thought these roosters were cute,

and this wreath,

and these chickens.

And I loved the detail on this fireplace.
There is a grinding stone stuck into the outside of it.
And check out this hollowed out area.  I imagine a statue used to be inside it.  It kind of reminded me of Italy.  They have areas like this all over their buildings with Mother Mary tucked inside.

Another place we went, which turned out really sad is a place called Stone head.  If you click here and go to the bottom picture of the post, you can see what it's supposed to look like.  Apparently, some one vandalized it last year, and took the head.  It's been there since 1851.  All of those years.....
So a stone carver made a memorial to it.
This house sits in front of it and one year we went on a garden tour at this house.  The sign says "The Spirit of Stone Head lives!   Stone Head was a road marker back in the 1850's.
We drove along more of the country side and found this big guy!  I named him Hoss!
He was right outside of Story, Indiana.
I wanted to go back to see the garden they had there.
They kind of let it go.
Beyond the garden was this big barn.  And we noticed it was open with lights on.
So we walked out and peeked in.  We found out later they were going to be setting up for a wedding.

And that's it for Story!

The restaurant, bar, and lodging are all in the same building!
Don't blink or you'll miss it!

So we headed back to Nashville.
There's Hoss again!  He's like..."why you keep taking my picture?"
We got back to Nashville and My Shug took me to some fine dining!
Yep...that be a gas station and we are sitting outside on a curb-like structure waiting on a pizza.
As we waited I thought we should take a little walk.  We found this garage that the people must have just decided to paint!
On the other side of the garage is an antique store.  I thought the way they used the headboards was clever.

We took the pizza back to our room, opened a bottle of wine, and had a great evening.



  1. What a wonderful trip--full of fun, adventure and a bit of sadness (the missing head). I went to Brown Co, IN with my daughter 3 years ago but I don't remember the name of the town. There was a festival going on (which we didn't know about) and the place was packed --but it was a beautiful little town.

    Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Sunday. xo Diana

    ps- I really love that cross with the petitions nailed to it. Taht is really special.

  2. Cindy, I bet Diana is talking about Nashville. :) I love the trip with you and Shug. You both are so sweet. My daughter went to Story this summer with her friend from school. She says she and Jamie are going to French Lick in a week. My girls and I used to go to Bean Blossom, at the road side market...always bought apple butter there. I love that area. Hope the prayers are answer in good time and the way you need them. Blessings my dear friend, xoxo, Susie

  3. So nice, you take me home quite often in your posts because they remind me of my family and where we have spent time. Although I have never been to story. Love the garage and I would love to visit the garden center. LOL, I can come revisit your blog before going home and talk everyone into a couple of road trips. I need flower pots, I would have been filling my car.


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