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Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Fall Feast for the eys!

I thought I'd so you some pictures of some fall eye candy!

All of the above pictures were taken at Oliver Winery in Southern Indiana.

We decided to go on our annual trip to Nashville/Brown County, Indiana.  We have always stayed in Brown County State Park but this year we waited to get reservations and ended up staying at this hotel in town.  It's not bad as far as the room goes.  It's a small suite, but we learned something.  When you call and ask if there is a pool and/or hot tub, I guess you need to ask if they are working!  The hot tub, which is what my Shug likes, isn't working.  And some guy told him it wasn't working last year either.  My guess won't be working next year either!  (probably won't come back to place)

Had to watch this guy carve a bear with a chainsaw.  Nashville, IN is a very quaint, artsy town.  Lots and lots of cabins and hills and woods.

This is the outside of one of my favorite stores.  It's called Michaels.

You can see why...lots of old garden-y stuff.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts on my last post.  I go back to the Dr. Tuesday.  This is weird in that it comes and goes.  He wants me to go on drugs, and I don't want to, so we'll see.  I think if it isn't something too serious, I'll live with it as long as I can, and keep praying it goes away.  I love blogland and bloggers for being such caring people.  Thanks.



  1. Love your post, so full of all the right colours. I did get pot envy, I am collecting all old clay pots, the new ones are not as nice. I do not use plastic pots other than for cuttings.

  2. Cindy, You and Shug look wonderful in the picture. I love all the autumn beauty there. I used to take my girls to Brown County State Park every fall. Thye still love it. Kathy, you met her at the sub shop..just went three weeks ago with her best friend. Oh by the way she got a great job in the Fishers/ Carmel area. I love all that garden stuff too.
    Honey, I do not want to alarm you...but pain is a sign , something isn't quiet right. I am hoping the dr can pin point your problems. Or at least give you a time line on the meds. I am not a pill popper either....hate taking meds. I take an aspirin, a reflux med and cholesterol med. I count my blessings for even that small amount. But if I had a real dr to go to. LOL...I might be on more. We are having a hard times keeping doctors in Tipton. So sad. Take care, praying for you. Blessings to you and Shug, xoxo, Susie

  3. It looks so autumnly, love all the pumpkins. Hope it goes well at the doctors, I'd be against taking more medication too.

  4. Love the carving of the bear pictures, and... yout attitude of no meds.

  5. Stunning photos including the ones of you and yours. Cx

  6. Hi Cindy, Sorry that I missed your last post. I just went back now and read it. I hate it when doctors run test after test and still don't have a answer. I will be praying for you.
    This little get-away looked so relaxing; what a lovely little town.
    Love ya sweetie,
    Connie :)

  7. Great picture of you and the hubs! I love Brown County have not been in years. Used to bring my girls down and go to the covered bridge festival with my family. My sister asked if I could come down and o this year but having some car problems and have only gotten 1/2 of them fixed so far. Trying to make this car last a couple more years....I have a camper on my mind.


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