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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Day three in Brown County

I had the best time on our last day in Brown County, which was Friday. 
For one, I felt great! 
For two, the weather was absolutely perfect the entire time we were there. 

So here is day three, our last full day.  We always leave on Saturday morning.

This is the lane that leads up to the Christmas Shop.
 Those flowers are cockscomb.  They have these cute little small variety, and a much bigger variety.
They are annuals and they sell the seeds in the store.
I enjoy walking the lane.
Believe me, My Shug did not think it was manly to get his picture taken with the Polar Bear, but he humored me!  And there wasn't anyone else around!

 They have a somewhat new historic museum.  It's been there three or four years.  And they have this reproduction school.  We looked inside the school, but not the museum.
 We checked on the bear.....almost finished!

 In Nashville, Indiana in the fall, the weekends are VERY CROWDED AND THE STORES ARE BUSY!  I can't stress that enough.  And it was Friday.  So, we ate lunch and took off for the country side again.  We decided to go to some artists studios.  My Shug wanted to go to this one in particular. Her name is Sidney Bolam and she is a stone carver.  This is her home and where she had stuff displayed for the artist studio tour.  This is not her studio.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that area.
 This is Sidney, graciously letting me take her picture with the carving we bought.  She didn't want me to take her picture because she had been working and was covered in dust.  I told her no one would care
 These are some of the roads to the studios.  Actually, this is what most of the roads look like.  One lane, some are paved, but many are gravel, and beautiful!

 We also went to a fiber artist studio,
 we stopped at a very small general store in Helmsburg.  Guess what else is in Helmsburg!
I'm serious!
Absolutely NOTHING!

This road was actually wide enough for two cars! 
 We went to the Brown County winery, and did a little tasting.

 And after that we went to Bear Wallow Distillery.  Thing is...I'm not so into whiskey or Moonshine.  We had a little lesson on the difference between the two.  If I remember correctly, Moonshine is whiskey with flavoring added.  But when it came time to taste, we passed.
 We still had a little time before dark.  You really don't want to be in these hills and hollers much after dark unless you know your way around.  

I loved this studio.  It is a weaving studio,
 and as with most of the studios, their home is at the studio.
 This little studio was down the lane from the weaving studio.  She does relief prints and letterpress.  I talked to her for awhile and she said her parents talked her into opening her studio for the studio tour, for the month of October, so she took a month off of work to prepare, and opened her studio.  She said it changed her life. She loves it so much she is going to do some markets and start her own business.
She also lives in this little cabin.  And I mean room.  And I know all about living in one room!  I didn't even see a kitchen, but her parents live in the weaving studio up the hill.
 At this point it was around 6:00.  We went back to the gas station (teehee) got some broasted chicken and potato wedges and took it to an overlook for a picnic!
 Where we ate...
 Now here's the thing...we usually stay in the state park, in a cabin.  But this year, we decided to stay in the town of Nashville.  And the stores in Nashville close around 5:00 or 6:00.  BUT when we were heading back to our hotel, we discovered the stores were open!
 Apparently on Friday evenings they stay open later.  And that might be only in the fall, I don't know.  All these years I've never known the stores to stay open later.
 Apparently other people don't know they stay open later either because the streets were almost empty, so I told Shug to "let me out" and  "park the car!!!"
because I need some chocolate covered peanuts!!! (dessert!)
 And I decided to do some more shopping since it wasn't crowded.  And no worries ladies...
there are plenty of benches for male bonding outside the stores!

 I will leave you with pictures of the stores in Nashville, in the evening.

Saturday morning we went to one last store,

I went to The Daily Grind and got a latte', and we headed for home.

  Just in time as the Vice President's son was having a wedding celebration in the state park and the traffic was bumper to bumper!

Have a great weekend!

PS - Cross your fingers....three days with no head weirdness!


  1. Cindy, I would not want to be on those back roads after dark. I love the town of Nashville. I have find memories of all my daughters and I there. Once they used to have a John Dillinger museum. There was a poster in it that said...They will never catch Dillinger till they get him out of that V-8 Ford. LOL There used to be a candy shop that had big lollipops in the windows. Oh to go back in time with my girls. Glad you love to travel there. So happy to read you were feeling good. You and Shug are in my prayers. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Now that sounds like a perfectly perfect kinda day! :)

  3. Looks like you and Shug had a wonderful trip. Don't you love going to places when they're not so crowded?


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