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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Embracing the season!

Happy November First!
I'm embracing the season!
Do you ever do something every single year, that's kind of a ritual type thing.
I do.
For one, I listen to the book on cd of Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher. 
I listen to it in my car while I'm running errands.
But, I haven't been able to find it for a couple of years.  
(It's around here somewhere.)

I also read Christmas books during the month of November and December.
I've always got a novel going, but in November and December they are always Christmas novels.

I bought two new books a couple of weeks ago.
And I'm already reading Merry and Bright, by Debbie Macomber, which I got from the library. 
I also bought a magazine.
 I found some old Christmas books...

and...I found some of my old cookbooks.

 I should explain why I'm finding stuff.  
I joined a challenge on Facebook through a group I'm in.  
I vowed to empty a box a day for the month of October.
These were all FULL in the pole barn, the beginning of October.
I emptied them little by little and it made a BIG difference.
I donated, I made a pretty good size garage sale pile for next year.
I kept some things and I sold some things.
You see, when we moved, we moved into one room in the basement and everything else went into storage.  It's amazing what you can live without!!!

But I did find these old crocks, and I really do like them a lot.
I found several of those brown bag cookie molds.  
These are Longaberger.  I have quite a collection of them and they bring back some
good memories, which I'll save for another post.

 And I found these teacups  The one on the left my Sister bought for me on a shopping trip years ago. They used to have a tea shop in the mall and we would always go there to take a break.  I loved that place, but it's no longer there.
I left the stuff out that brought a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart.
Those are the things that make our house a home.

I got my hair cut by a witch this week!

 This is probably the last cut until after the holidays.
Oh, and I started a of.
I showed you some apple dumplings a couple of weeks ago that Mom made.
It's tradition.  Mom makes all of us some apple dumplings, every fall.
Well, my sister made some!
And brought them up!
So, after the dumplings, and the weight gain, I decided to start a diet. 
BUT tonight several of us went out to eat,
so even though I ate healthy most of the day, I kind of blew it tonight.
But not too bad, especially for the first day.  

So, for the month of November
1) reading Christmas novels (and spending less time on FB and IG)
2) dieting as much as possible so I don't gain the Holiday ten!
3) continuing emptying boxes (I still have a basement full)
4) relaxing....

What do you do to embrace the season?



  1. What a great plan!!! might try those things too! thank you ! the witch did a great job cutting your hair, it looks lovely! take care from Iowa

  2. I love a good sort out, finding things you forgot is pure joy and passing on all the other stuff feels wonderful. I have a pile of Christmas craft magazines, which I pull out each November, things don't change that much.

  3. I love Christmas!!! I decorate like crazy, it's the only time I bake cookies and best of all our daughter flies from Japan to spend it with us.

  4. I do so many of the same things as you.
    Love reading Christmas books, old favorite Christmas magazines, etc. Also make sure my Christmas cards are ready to go by Dec 1st.

  5. Wow!!! I can't even think about your question . . . I'm stuck on "A Box A Day". . . that's a lot of clearing out, LOL. I suppose it is like all things, it gets easier with time. By the time we moved here and packed, yard saled, and donated . . . until we got to a point where we just wanted rid of the stuff. All I can say is more power to ya . . . and when you're done come help me, LOL.
    Have a sweet weekend, girl friend.
    Connie :)

  6. I was following the flylady She teaches you a 'routine' which features a 15 min de-clutter each day. If you're interested in this, I'd advise starting with Flylady Diane's 31 baby-steps on youtube. You watch one each day for 31 days.
    Love Debbie Macomber x

  7. I have to have a good "sort out" at least once a year. I love books, especially cook books. I have most of the same cooking magazines that you have! I am gradually letting go of what I don't use or open if it is a book. I have a small house so not much room for storage. The apple dumplings look delicious! I just recently managed to lose 30 pounds so this retired chef/baker has to refrain from such goodies! (sigh)

  8. Cindy, You sure do go at that idea of tossing...just get me started please. LOL Diet, dang, hate that word. :) I love books and have plenty to read...need to get my eye check up over with first. That will be the 13th. Blessings, enjoy these warm days. xoxo, Susie


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