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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving! The Food...

Part I
The Food

When we walked in the door to my Sister and her husband's house,
we were handed nametags. 
Only they didn't have our names on them.
My Shug's tag.

Trent's tag
My tag
Mom's tag, she is known for winning in our family.
Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner!
Emily's said Don't Put me at the Kid Table and Dad's said I need a nap!
My sister's said Mom's favorite little turkey! (gag)
and she did not make that pie!
 I can't remember what they all said and I didn't get pictures of them, but it was such a cute idea.

And now the food.
Cheese ball (in the shape of a turkey-but I didn't get there in time to get a picture of it before it was half eaten!) deviled eggs, and this yummy cream cheese with sauce.

I saw her recipes on the counter so I snapped some pics of them. 
And then there were these yummy things which I do not have a recipe for, but she said they are just puff pastry, with cranberries and brie inside.  Bake them until they are golden.
Maybe if she reads this she'll find the recipe for us.

How can we eat after those appetizers!
Green Bean Casserole
Crack Potatoes
Crack Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
(and mac and cheese)

One of my favorite salads

Cranberry something?  And I did not get to try this and now I wish I would have.
Since I'm trying to lose weight - yep, still on it - I did not go back for seconds.
Time to eat...
 There were two more tables set up, but I didn't get pictures of all of them. 
Check out the fun tablecloth!
First, time for The Blessing.....
(at least we didn't have to hold hands this year!)

And no worries about that food going to waste.  We all took leftovers home!  She had the cutest to go containers from World Market.  

More to follow.....



  1. Cindy, I love the name tags. So cute. So much good food. Yes, sharing it as take home left-overs is a good idea...we do that too. Glad you had the wonderful family time. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. What a wonderful post and it looks like you have a lot of fun in your family...nothing better than food and fun.
    I copied two of these recipes over and will use them in the next couple of weeks.
    Hope you have a wonderful week. xo Diana


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