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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Last Weekend....My Shug turned 60!

I want to hurry up and get last weekend posted before this weekend arrives!
Mom and Dad and I met up with my Sister and her husband for First Friday in Noblesville.
Love this candelabra!
My sister turned into a little witch!  Just Kidding!  Friday evening was a lot of fun.  I enjoy shopping in Noblesville, and they just recently opened two new stores.  Plus, there is a store there called Across the Pond that sells fun purses and jewelry, from Across the pond!  Her husband is British.  I didn't take a ton of pics though...but 

I did take a ton of pics on Saturday because my Shug turned 60!
and some family got together at our house, and we celebrated!
I fixed chili, corn muffins, chicken wings, and a few other things
and everyone hung out


until it was time to wish these four Happy Birthday. 
My sister's husband, My Shug, Our niece Sarah, and our Brother Duke! 
They all have birthdays from the 5th to the 11th of October.  

You know what's funny?  When you have around 25 people singing Happy Birthday to four different people, and you come to the name part in the song!

Mom got Dave a special cake for his birthday!

Anh told us a story.  She said when she came to the United States at a very young age, she didn't understand how everyone knew the words to this special birthday song!  She never heard it before and didn't understand.  In Vietnam they do not celebrate birthdays.  I told her I think we are born knowing this song.

Just a lot of happy family pictures to share.

Sunday morning I got up and went for a walk early in the morning.  

Then I finished a project I actually started last year!  This was an old, worn-out blanket My Shug had since childhood.  I had to iron some "wonder under" (is that what it's called) on the backside of it, it was so worn.  He had asked me a few years ago to make something out of it.  His birthday was actually on Sunday, so this is one of the gifts I gave him.  

 A pillow case, made out of an old blanket of his, from his childhood.   

It feels good to have the house decorated for Fall, the house cleaned for company, and time to relax a bit afterwards
Thanks for the apple dumplings Mom!



  1. I turned 60 in April, welcome to your Shug to the 60 Club! What a great present for his birthday, something he loves already!

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband!
    Your Mom's special cake and apple dumplings look great!
    The pictures of a large,happy family are a delight to the eyes.

  3. Happy birthday, another lovely family weekend.

  4. Happy birthday to all. Cindy you always have the best family gatherings. I love the gift for Dave from you. Blessings, you are in my prayers. xoxo,,Susie

  5. Happy Birthday to you hubby. 60 is a big one. I always thought 60 was OLD until I turned 60. Now I have decided 80 is old. lol

    Those are really great photos of family and I love the part of your house with all those windows. That is my kind of house.

    My grandsons take karate in Noblesville! xo Diana

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