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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Baby News & Labor Day Weekend!

Once upon a time....years and years ago, my cousin Vickie and I dressed up a couple of Teddy Bears in her children's clothes.  I'm talking somewhere in the 1980's....

These green bibs belonged to her son Ryan, when he was little.

On Labor Day weekend, I returned the bibs to Ryan and Melissa, so they could put them on Murphy!
Meet Murphy!
Happy Little Family!
After visiting Murphy, we went to my sister and her husband's house for a cookout!
I'm a little late in posting this as it was Labor Day Weekend.
(I told you I don't know where September went!) 

It was gorgeous outside.

We had s'mores...

And we watched a movie, outside!
The kids in the background are trying to talk Mom (Grandma) into taking them somewhere.
Not gonna happen!
Dad and Vickie must think it's funny.

Goodnight y'all!
Thanks for the fun evening!



  1. How sweet! And won't Murphy look cute in his Daddy's Bibs.

  2. Love the green, my favourite colour. What a lovely ending for the bibs to be returned to their owner. Murphy will look great in them one day. She's beautiful. Cx

  3. Cindy, I love that the little bibs came back around. How sweet. My daughter Liz has a friend that names their son Murphey. He is my g.grandson's best bud. LOL It was so good to see you and your Teresa on Saturday. I have been praying for all the things that need prayers. :):) Sure hope everything works out well. Blessings to you sweet girl, xoxo,love , Susie


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