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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


 About a month ago, I went shopping at a local antiques store with a friend.  I saw these cement lion statuaries and thought they might be cool somewhere around our house.  (bottom of pic)

I got this instead!

 It wasn't planned.  I was on my way into town and saw a black and white kitty in the road.  When I stopped my car, it ran back to the side of the road (which was on a bridge)

I went to the edge of the bridge and looked into the woods, and saw this other kitty.

 I left.  
Did my errands.
Came back several hours later.
And they were still there.  

 And the black and white kitty would not let me get back in my car.  It kept running after me.  I'd put it back on the bridge and it would run after me.  I was going to take my groceries home then come back, but it was persistent.  So I put it in my car and brought it home.  Then, the guilt set in.  What about the orange striped kitty?  What's going to become of it all by itself in the woods?  About that time a neighbor asked me over for a glass of wine.  I asked her to meet me on the bridge to get a kitty instead!  She said she already had a kitty!  WHAT?  Yep, somehow a kitty, about the same age, ended up in her pole barn.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.

 As we were on the bridge, for over an hour, trying to get the orange kitty to come to us, another friend drove by and asked what us weirdos were doing hanging out on the bridge!!!  HA HA  So she stopped to help.  All three of us were trying to get this kitty.  I ended up climbing over the bridge (in flip flops), walking along the cement thingy and got the kitty.  We brought it back to our house and put it with the other kitty.
 The next day they were both still there. (sigh)
 The black and white kitty is very friendly, the orange kitty runs away...wants nothing to do with people.  I've always said I don't want any more animals, so I gave them to my Shug! (teehee)
 He feeds them.
 They've made themselves at home...


 This guy is not happy at all about them.

The other day we were having breakfast and this head popped out of the tree!

 They do the cutest things!

So, since they seem to be here to stay we got them an igloo....
 But my Shug felt he had to make them a deluxe kitty birdhouse!   It looks like a birdhouse, but it's their size.
 The lid opens up like a birdhouse, and you will see a shelf inside, plus a carpeted floor.
 A hole in the side of it that faces the house, so no wind will blow in it.
 And a window so they can see what's going on outside.  I think it's pretty deluxe for kittens (with no names by the way.)
 So they have two different homes to live in now.  I guess their staying.
Yeah...I wanted this...

I got this!



  1. Very touching story!
    The two kittens look lovely both together and apart. They were lucky to 'fall' into the hands of such kind, generous people like you and your hubby.

  2. As a cat lover, I think you are great, they will bring you loads of fun. Love their posh homes, they are lucky kitties. You can still go back and get the lions.

  3. Cindy, You old softy ! Haha, I love it. I am like that but I do not bring them home , I tell others about them. Think about coming to Horton's on the can meet Nana Diana. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. So glad they found someone to love them.

  5. Arh, they are lovely. So glad they've had a happy ending. All the best with them x

  6. I think you make the best choice and aren't they lucky you came along . . . just think . . . No Mice . . . doesn't that make you like them even more?

  7. ahh sweet sweet. I tried to talk the woodworking into a kitten this spring. He would have nothing to do with it. Probably best The Bug would have freaked.

  8. Those are some adorable kittens and good on you for giving them a good home. I can just see them tussling and rolling and running around. BIG SIGH because I don't have them.

  9. Oh, they are so cute! They are happy to be together. I'd name them Marmalade and Tux.


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